Laundry Tips & Tricks

Some things which we have to do in life are quite simply a chore to some of us. Washing your clothes is one of them and whilst many of us might not like doing it or get annoyed at the time it might take to do, it is clearly a necessity. We cannot walk around in unhygienic and unpleasant smelling clothing. However, there are some things you can do to relieve the burden of it. This probably sounds a little daft, after all many of you are probably thinking what more is there to it than I ‘just wash my clothes’? Well, have a quick read and check if there are any things you could do to make your life a whole lot easier.

Wash Less Often

Now I don’t mean to say that you should keep wearing items until they fall off you. However, realistically you can wear lots of outerwear or tops under which you wear another layer multiple times in certain weather conditions. Also you can leave your dirty washing to do until you have a large amount and then just do a big batch. Do you really need to wash those few items immediately? If you really want to wear certain items for specific occasions then plan ahead and don’t wear them beforehand. The less often you have to do your washing the less it will be an annoyance.

Remove Stains Immediately

Remove StainsWhilst the above point stands, you will need to get the stains out of your clothes straight away. If you leave them they can become very difficult to remove at a later date. Simply follow the necessary methods of stain removal depending on the clothing and type of stain. Having done this the item of clothing can then sit with the rest of your pile of washing until you are ready to do it all. Remind yourself something doesn’t need washing straight away because you spilt something on it. Simply get rid of the stain and your clothes will be good as new once you come round to washing them.

Pre-Sort Your Washing

Not every item can be washed the same way. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting one of your favourite pieces of clothing in to clean and then pulling it out to find it ruined due to being on the wrong heat etc. Set up separate wash baskets for the different items so that you can simply throw them all in together without having to sort them every time. Also be mindful of the colours. Separate your whites, bright and darker colours else the inevitable is going to happen. The white tee-shirt that comes out the wash pink is something many of us have done before!

Laundry ServicesGet Someone Else to Do it

There are so many services out there nowadays that you don’t have to do your own washing if you really don’t want to. You can get your laundry picked up and then returned to you. Where I live I use laundry delivery services in Bangkok which will collect, clean and return your washing in period depending on your needs. Even if you are living elsewhere you can avail of the global services which serve a number of cities and provide you with a means to relieve yourself of the chore of washing yourself.