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As children, we all love to climb trees, which for some reason gives most of us the idea that we’re qualified to trim them or cut them down. Well, this is simply not the case! Yes, if you were to have the correct equipment, a reasonable grasp of how to use it, having done a little risk management, and take your time in a clear area with no obstacles surrounding the tree whatsoever, then you might get away with it safely. However, for the most part, those who DIY cutting a tree down themselves, almost always end up hurting themselves or damaging their property.

In this post we’re going to look at some of the more common tree cutting/felling related accidents in the hopes that if you are considering doing it yourself, that you might change your mind and calling the professionals.

1 – Being hit by falling objects

Many people think that by inviting their friend over to help, that they’ll be less likely to hurt themselves. This is definitely the right line of thinking, as it always helps to have an extra pair of eyes. However, when you’re not qualified arborists, people quite frequently get hit by falling branches.

2 – Falling from the tree or ladder

The amount of people who have foolishly cut the branch from under without realising is ridiculous. Now, this might not happen to you, however the second most common accident when it comes to DIY tree felling, is either falling out of the tree, off the roof or ladder.

3 – Electrocution

Believe it or not, electrocution is rather common when it comes to cutting trees near power cables. This is either due to the victim grabbing a nearby powerline by accident, or a heavy branch falling on live wires which come loose and hit them. This is an incredibly serious risk that can sometimes be fatal. Is it worth it?

4 – Deep cuts and lacerations

The inappropriate use of power and hand tools can lead to serious cuts and injuries. Many people have lost fingers due to not having the correct experience and training for handling the tools used to effectively fell trees.

5 – Loss of limbs when using chippers

Don’t forget that cutting down a tree is one job, disposing of it is another, which is why heavy machinery is often required, such as woodchippers. However, it’s not unheard of for people to lose limbs such as hands and arms for not fully concentrating on the incredibly dangerous task.

6 – Damage to your eyes

Getting splinters and sawdust in your eyes for not having heavy duty goggles is another common issue that people have to content with. The same applies to branches and twigs swinging around and hitting people in the face whilst they’re up high in a tree, which can lead to falling as well.

Don’t run the risk of hurting yourself

The common accidents mentioned above are only a few of things that can go wrong, not to mention the damage that you can do to your property. It’s simply not worth running the risk! Call a professional like AB Trees and have them take care of the issue for you. They’ll be able to do so quickly and effectively without anyone, or anything getting damaged.