3 reasons why you will definitely want to hire a professional DJ

There’s nothing quite like planning your own event. While it can be a stressful and labor intensive job, it also comes with quite a lot of fun perks, for example, who doesn’t like tasting catering samples to determine exactly what you want to serve your guests? Or planning exactly what kind of entertainment is going to be the most fun, exciting and appropriate for your occasion. However whether it’s a simple corporate get together or a far more grandiose affair like a wedding, there is one fact that remains true, is that people will want to dance when they drink. And to dance, naturally people will require music to listen to and get them into the mood.

However so many people try to cut corners when it comes to how the music will be performed and managed ongoing at their event it can often either leave their music selection feeling neglected, or worse yet that the quality of the equipment that has been chosen is not up to par and it either doesn’t carry far enough for everybody to hear clearly, or has a low quality and annoying feel to the sounds which is enough to put anybody off of dancing. So here are just a few reasons that you should really leave the musical concerns of your event to a professional.



Now for some events this will not be a very important consideration, however for other kinds, like award ceremonies and weddings, this will play a crucial part in the day’s proceedings and making sure that you get something like the bride and grooms first dance exactly right is kind of important. Dare we say it’s unforgivable to get that kind of thing wrong and no matter how well the rest of the day goes you will forever remember when the person who was supposed to be organizing the music for your first dance accidentally played the Okie Kokey instead of the song you chose? Professionally timing music to a specific event requires a certain amount of practice and experience.

Luckily, the bread and butter of most DJ’s work will have been cooperate events and  things like weddings, so you can trust that a simple job like timing the correct music to the correct award for example would be a complete breeze provided you choose a decent DJ. So it’s probably recommended that you take that responsibility off your shoulders and let them deal with all of those kinds of concerns, all they need is a desired track list and an itinerary of the important events.

Equipment concerns

Now what you will be hoping for is that as much of the sound equipment that you will require for your event is able to be provided by the venue itself and by and large, for things like the speakers and cabling to various points around the appropriate areas, it’s safe to assume that they don’t expect a simple event organizer to be able to provide a full professional grad sound system to every event that they host. However, things like CVDJ’s and laptop attachments and interfaces to them may be slightly out of their remit and if they don’t provide it, it’s up to you to be sourcing and hiring this equipment form a third party.

However, if you choose to hire and use the services of a professional DJ, the chances are that they already have the necessary equipment to facilitate their set and other responsibilities, and while you can’t expect them to have absolutely everything you want, they should definitely be able to fill in any equipment gaps that your venue may have in their setup, at least the minimums like a mixer, CDJ’s and computer interfaces that he will undoubtedly rely on to formulate and execute his set properly. However even still there may be gaps and at all stage3s you should be prepared to source and hire out any missing equipment deemed necessary.

It’s also very important that you let your DJ know as soon as you possibly can what the venue are and are not providing, to give them time to organize what they need and potentially see about filling in those gaps for you by using their industry contacts to track down a good deal for whatever you may need to hire. Why not click the following link for some advice on finding the best DJ hire in Adelaide.