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5 Reasons to Become a Life Coach

Do you have an interest in learning and growing? Do you have a passion in helping people get through their obstacles and work towards their goals? Have you dreamt about having a business where you can put your heart and soul into and become your own boss? If your answers to these questions are yes, a career in life coaching is for you! Not only it is personally fulfilling and rewarding, but also it offers high paycheck with only 30 minutes to one hour of your time. Here I have put together top 5 reasons why you should become a life coach.

1.    You Love Helping People

Your clients will come to you with their problems and expect you to lead them to a better and brighter side of life. Suddenly you might feel what you do has a purpose again instead of getting stuck in that boring lackluster job that you can’t wait to reach the end every day. Helping others realize their goal and build a better life will bring you joy and happiness, and making a living out of it makes it one of the best jobs ever, doesn’t it?

2.    The Work of a Coach is aligned with Your Values

Life coaches usually have great peace and satisfaction from within as they live in harmony with their values, and the values are the powerful tool of their work. The values might include being of service to others, appreciating the things that matter the most, making the world a happier and better place to live in, and helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

3.    Coaching is About Helping Clients Live In Accordance With Their Values

Many of us live in conflict with our values, working for our bottom line instead of putting what is truly important and matters to us. Part of your job will be to lead and guide people to align themselves with their values and be true to themselves, and help clients carve out a life that works for them.

4.    High Wages

Plenty of coaches can be highly paid. An average rate a life coach charges is anywhere between $100 and $350 an hour. Many coaches work in a monthly packages which ensures you have work for a whole month instead of having to worry if you will only have a few hours of work. However, becoming a life coach isn’t something you can claim yourself to be in just one second. You need to attend quality life coaching courses to get qualified and certified before you can go out and coach others.

5.    Time, Freedom, and Flexibility

Coaches have the flexibility of working hours and locations as the coaching can be done on the phone, online, or in person. It is totally up to you. You can organize your working hours around your availability and responsibilities. Some people might work in their pajamas on a holiday, others prefer an office setting and appear more professionally. Thanks to our advanced technology, lots of coaches are using online platform to coach their clients, which offers them the opportunities to work while traveling worldwide and get paid!



7 Benefits of Kids Learning Karate

If you are trying to find some valuable activities for your kids to do, wouldn’t it be interesting to let them enjoy an activity which will improve their physical and mental development along with teaching them self-defence? Karate is a Japanese form of self-defence which consists of dynamic offensive and defensive techniques using all parts of the body to the users’ maximum advantage and it is a form of martial arts. It is suitable for wide age ranges and, especially, for kids as they have the ability to learn new things quickly, which can help kids to develop their talents faster than people of older ages. Besides, the enjoyment of Karate for kids it provides other huge benefits.

 7 Benefits of Kids Learning Karate:


Some people may think that Karate is a dangerous activity which promotes violence, but it really isn’t and, instead, promotes self-defence. Moreover, children who learn Karate will know how to protect themselves and others from dangers which could happen at any time. It will also emphasize kids’ natural physical strength whilst they are learning karate.

Health & Fitness

When kids learn karate, they will need to move their bodies quite a lot in order to practice each gesture and movement, therefore it will grant the value of exercise to both their physical and mental health. The practice of Karate will totally build up their stamina and make kids healthy too.

Low Expense

Some parents may worry about the expense or additional costs of their kids’ extra-curricular activities but, with karate, equipment isn’t required and so the costs will be less than many other activities which often need expensive equipment.

Improved Focus & Attention

Karate also improves focus and attention span as it can develop composure and a clearer thought process, therefore children will be able to concentrate on lessons in school and pay more attention.


Karate creates a sense of discipline and self-confidence since there are many levels of classes which will provide goals for the kids to aim for. Hence, their confidence levels will be increased when they accomplish these new goals.

Mental Resolve

Karate is also a competition between two people which results in a winner and a loser at the end. So, kids will have a stronger mind in order to accept the result of the competition and it also teaches them to get back up after a fall.


People who learn karate have to know the value of respect as they have to respect each other. They have to respect their efforts, themselves and the teachers. So, kids who learn karate will also learn to respect other people more.

Therefore, you now know that Karate has various essential benefits for your kids, just like other sports. So, if you are searching for a good activity for your children, Karate for kids is one that you should seriously consider.


Learning How To Engrave Glass – A Beginner’s Guide

The art of glass engraving is a method of decorating glasswork to draw patterns or pictures onto its surface. It leaves a quite striking finish but whilst most people would probably imagine it is quite difficult to do, the effect is actually surprisingly simple to achieve. Why not try it out yourself? This quick beginner’s guide will run you through the simple steps so you can practice it yourself either with a view to learning more or just to kill an afternoon.

Find or Buy a Tool

mug engravingThere are many precision tools and tips which you could buy if you wanted to get quite serious at glass engraving. However, this guide is not for that so you just need to find anything appropriate. There are lots of items which people have lying around their house which would be ideally suited to doing a basic job but which will leave a beautiful image and finish. What I would recommend is something like a Dremel. It doesn’t have to be from that actual brand but anything like that will work for this. A lot of us have one of these lying around somewhere so have a quick rummage around and dig it out. Failing that, they are reasonably inexpensive to buy and have a multitude of uses so it might be worth investing in one.

Choose an Image

The next step is to find an image which you would like to reproduce onto a piece of glass. This will form a template for you to copy so decide how adventurous you’re feeling. Maybe start with something a bit more basic but if you’re feeling up to it or it’s a rainy day and you have plenty of spare time on your hands let your imagination run wild! Having chosen your image you will need to print it out. Then place it inside or beneath the piece of glass you are going to engrave, line it up and tape it down in place.

Trace the Image

This part is key to the finished look. Carefully and methodically trace the image carefully onto the glass surface. You need to take your time with this stage. Bear in mind that it can be quite difficult to see where you have previously traced so try to start with one point and go around the image in a fashion that helps you work back to the point where you started without missing any areas or having to go back over sections too much.

Remove the Image and Repeat

Now you just need to take the image out, find a piece of dark material as a background so that you can see the image you have traced out and go back over it. Again don’t rush as this could lead to some unsightly blemishes but if you are methodical and patient it should be simpler at this point as the indentation you have previously made will let you just follow the lines. Congratulations you have done your first piece of glass engraving! Either display your piece of handiwork or if it didn’t go so well pop it in the bin and try again.

glass engraving2


Learning To Drive – L to P

When you hit the long anticipated age of 16, attaining a driving license often finds itself on top of the list of things to do. Learning to drive is one of the most common tasks undertaken in Australia, seeing countless of individuals both young and old register for the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) every day.

Before you begin your learning journey, there are a few things you ought to educate yourself on. First, the process of learning to drive and second, assessing if you need to enroll in a driving school.

The Process

For the residents of New South Wales, this exciting process starts with the taking of the DKT. To prepare for that, applicants can check out the Road Users’ Handbook and visit the Road and Maritime Services website for more information.

Upon completion of this, you will officially become an L plater. The learner’s license is good for 5 years, giving you ample time to learn to drive. Armed with your Learner Driver Log Book (learners above 25 years old are exempt from using this), you can now legitimately operate a vehicle with a supervising driver at hand.

Be conscientious in recording your driving experience because in order to proceed further, you need to clock 120 hours of driving over a period of at least 12 months.

With these achieved, you can confidently go ahead to attempt the final driving test when you turn 17. Pass it and congratulations – you are a learner no more, with your brand new Provisional license!

Finding a Supervising Driver

Process aside, a crucial individual in this journey of you learning to drive is the supervising driver. While the first person that comes to mind is often a parent, relative or close friend, it is imperative that you remember that teaching someone to drive can be a stressful task that not everyone is cut out for.

That someone you have in mind may be an extremely proficient driver, but when it gets down to explaining the clockworks of driving, it might be a different story all together. Therefore, before you make your decision regarding this, these are the few pointers you ought to run through. Make sure that any potential supervising driver appreciates the good and ugly sides of teaching a learner.

Driving School

For those who can’t find a suitable candidate to be your supervising driver, driving schools are a very useful option to consider. After all, these establishments were set up just for situations like this and certainly, the instructors there are prepared to take on the teaching role.

Also, remember the logbook mentioned earlier and how you need to chalk up 120 hours? With a paid driving instructor, you can key 3 hours into your logbook for every 1 hour, up to 10 hours. In short, if you register for a 10-hour course at a driving school, you get to record 30 hours into your logbook!

Driving schools are not hard to find, with tons of them dotted all over the country. However, having said this, it is also vital that you choose an institute that can ensure a solid education in driving. With the plethora of schools out there, it can be a tedious job in itself to select the best school.

The most important thing to lookout for first is whether the driving instructors are fully qualified. Second, you would want a school that obviously possess the type of vehicle you plan on learning – automatic or manual transmission. Also, it is wise to go for schools with instructors who can provide structured lesson plans on a one-on-one training basis. Driving schools promise comprehensive lessons for learners with dedicated instructors with a wealth of experience.

Finally, trust your instincts. After all, isn’t driving on the road all about instincts?

If you are still eager for further information you can always you can follow the link and have a browse in regard to getting a licence


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Australian Custom Candy – How to Make Your Own

Did someone say custom candy?

If there is one thing the global population has in common it is most certainly our love for sweets and candy, no matter how young or old we are. From the very first moment a child takes their first step in life for the next 12-14 years they will likely be solely focused on the acquisition and consumption of copious amounts of candy.

After a while the necessity for acquiring candy will certainly become less important as other treats will begin to emerge, for example, alcohol and the like – though, for the most part, candy and sweets will always be a huge part of your life. Did I mention that everybody loves candy?

What would you say if I were to turn around to you and say that you can have your own custom candy made for you? I could hardly believe my eyes either, to be honest, and it is so straight forward and easy to do too! There are a number of different websites knocking around where you can buy custom candy online, giving you the opportunity to customise your own specialised candies.

This is perfect for making those special moments even more amazing. What better way to celebrate your children’s birthday than with a big bowl of custom made sweets, just the way they like them? You could even have some custom made candy for a special event, for example, a wedding or a christening. There is so much that you can do with a wealth of different custom variations so you can be sure to provide something that will satisfy everybody’s sweet tooth.

Is Valentine’s Day around the corner? – Or perhaps it’s a loved one’s birthday? Then why not have some extra special custom candy designed for them on their special day. Having custom candy designed is a kind, thoughtful and romantic gesture that not many would think to do. Try it out and see what happens!


Is there a way to make your own custom candy at home?

While I appreciate that it is much easier to order your custom candy online through the likes of my mom’s and Candy Kitchen etc. – You can go as far as making your very own candy from home.

There are companies where you can order platinum silicone moulds that are certified for food contact. These can be cast in all manner of different shapes and designs for you to fool around with. Do you want some chocolate dice or candy butterfly lollipops? Simply design your mould and then get to work!

Once you have your moulds, you can find a number of different candy recipes all throughout the internet. One particular source that I came across which appears to have a great variety of awesome sweets and candy recipes is Get your baking gear on and make a fun day of it with your children.