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Using Content Marketing for Lead Generation

An Introduction to content marketing and lead generation 

Promotion is at the heart of any business. It is this need to let people know what you can offer them that makes your local fish market salesman yell out from his stall, and it also makes multimillion-dollar companies invest the equivalent of a small country’s GDP in marketing. As a business owner, you are likely closer to the former, or somewhere in between, yet you too know the power of promotion, and how content marketing allows you to take this potential to new heights. In case you don’t however, we decided to compile this list of all the ways you can use content marketing to generate leads for your company. 

  1. Increase Your Presence On Facebook 

The advances in algorithm technology the tech giant Facebook has made over the years have enabled them to targeted ad campaigns to the next level. 

This technology allows them to discover a lead’s personal preferences, buying habits, personal information, and much more, with all of this data being then used to send them ads that they are most likely to click on. 

In other words, Facebook ads target people that are already looking for products or services that you are offering, making it much easier to reach out with your solution. 

These ads are also passive, being designed to be as little intrusive as possible. As a social media, Facebook itself is still a really good way to generate leads by simply producing and posting quality content as well. According to Impact, 66% of social media users log on to learn about new products and services, meaning that simply posting about your product on Facebook will increase your lead pool significantly. 

  1. Write On Other People’s Blogs (Or let them write on yours) 

By the time you first get your blog or website up and running, you are likely going to have to win over a spot in the search results in and on the industry at large. One of the best ways to that when it comes to the internet is to either write as a guest on a more well-known blog or let the owner of that blog write a post for yours.

This is ideal for putting yourself up as an authority in the field by having someone of already recognizable repute vouch for you through this collaboration. The best way to make that happen is by having a look at the most famous blogs in your niche, study their content, then brainstorm new ideas that will benefit your common office, which you then would use to contact them. 

  1. Do Webinar Collaborations 

According to Business Tutplus, “a webinar is a seminar conducted online. It allows you to host a virtual meeting without the need to find a suitable physical venue. With a webinar, (you can) share your presentation with your audience without physically being there.” 

Webinar, online training and education, distance learning concept. Back view of a man working with a computer laptop, webinar text on the screen

When it comes to gaining leads, webinars can be just as effective as guest blogging if not more, as people will be signing up to let you teach them something new. 

  1. Update Your Landing Pages 

For those that may not know, a landing page is a standalone website page designed solely for the promotion of a product, business, or event. This is relevant to know because the amount of leads your landing page can generate is directly tied to the experience people have when visiting it.

To put it more simply, the more confusing, slow to load, or just plain ugly your landing page is, the less likely it will be for the person visiting it to even pay attention to what it is promoting, much less get interested. So, it’s always a good idea to constantly update your landing page to make sure its design is up to date, and that it operates smoothly to maximize lead generation. 

  1. Make An Ebook 

Ebooks are an amazing way to not just further build your brand as a figure of authority by offering useful content to potential clients, but you can actively turn said content into a reward. 

After all, Ebooks are relatively cheap to distribute since they are entirely digital, easy to promote, and can fit into any email or landing page, making immediate delivery extremely convenient. They also fit quite nicely with the content upgrades we spoke about before, whetting a potential lead’s appetite with relevant information then offering a whole book on the subject is a great way to increase conversion rates. 

Our content marketing for generating leads conclusion 

When it comes to content marketing, the secret to success is to never fight in a single front. So, as you read through these tips, it’s always a good idea to think about how you can combine all these methods for lead generation in a single solid strategy. 


The 3 Main Benefits of Sound Absorption Baffles for Ceilings  

There are many different ways in which you can soundproof an area, though few are as effective as a high-quality, optimised acoustic baffle system. This could be used for reducing noise in waiting or reception area, your office space, a classroom and more. So, first of all, it is important to identify why you would like to soundproof a certain area. Perhaps your new open-plan office has a terrible echo which is making it difficult for your employees to concentrate on their work? It can be very distracting when there is reverb and you can hear your colleague’s conversation from several booths over while you’re trying to meet a deadline, so it is important that you take this into consideration.

Of course, sound absorption baffles for ceilings are an excellent and effective way of tackling such a problem. In this post, we are going to explore the 3 main benefits of having them installed. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which is dependent on what you’re trying to achieve and the aesthetic look that you would like to go for. So, without further a due:

Why Choose Acoustic Battle Panels?

There’s more than one answer to this question, the first and most obvious of which is because you want to take care of your echo and reverb issues that you’re finding so distracting. Acoustic baffle panels are the perfect solution to your noise amplification issues in an open plan area, so if you invest in them these are the benefits that you can expect:


Sound Quality

You’d be surprised by how important sound quality is, particularly in a working environment. A well-optimised, suspended ceiling will invariably reduce the noise in an office space and will create a clearer, richer sound quality. Ceiling baffles are well-suited to open-plan office spaces, particularly if you’re looking to create a more comfortable and productive space. Acoustic baffles can contribute greatly towards better communication and will significantly reduce the number of sounds reflecting from one surface to another and unnecessarily amplifying them.

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to tackling your acoustic issues, ceiling baffles can help you to accomplish a number of different looks in your office. You can have various shapes and sizes of panels hanging from the ceiling, created in a fashion to work an affective acoustic system, whilst also looking fantastic.

Great Value for Money

Again, there are many different types of soundproofing, however, acoustic ceiling baffles are among the most affordable options available (and the most effective at that) This type of acoustic system is also quick and easy to install and you can do so without being too disruptive for your employees, – with the overall goal of creating a more relaxing and productive environment for them to thrive in.

Of course, there are many other reasons to prevent noise from ruining your office space, though this is the simple fix; A reputable company will be able to advise you accordingly and create the best possible solution to your acoustic problems without having to break the bank.


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Different Types Of Mortgages

First World Problems – What you need to know when there are too many mortgages available to you.

Mortgages come in all shapes and sizes. Big ones, small ones; fixed ones, variable ones, 30-year ones, 10-year ones. So when push comes to shove; how do you know which hat to put on?

Well, we hope to help.

There are of course plenty of ways you can get yourself assistance in Brisbane, finding home loans and getting advice from experts. In the end, you do have to accept that unless you’re in the finance game. This stuff can get complicated, quick.


Different kinds of graveside memorial

Losing a loved one for whatever reason can be one of the most traumatic and painful events that most people will have the unfortunate displeasure of experiencing. It can be an extremely difficult thing to come to terms with, that the person won’t be around to interact with anymore. There are lots of customs around the world when somebody passes on and many different ways of dealing with the body. Many cultures burn their dead whereas an equal amount of people across the world bury them. It’s normally down to your individual country and culture. Being from the western hemisphere, it is customary to bury the dead.

One thing that can help is to have grave memorials, to give people something a little more substantial to look at rather than a mere flat piece of ground and can go a long way to making you feel as if you are appropriately honouring the memory of the person who is now deceased. After all that is the whole purpose of this exercise is to give the person you love a proper sendoff, but what are the most important things to keep in mind when you are going through the design process? Well let’s take a look at a few suggestions

Type of Memorial

The very first thing that you will need to choose is the style of grave memorial that you want. Do you want just a headstone type memorial or are you looking for more of a striking and larger statue type memorial? Or maybe you think that that you would like to commission a flat marker with a plaque. It’s really all down to you and your fellow friends and family really.

Generally speaking, low space, indoor or other environments where the placement of a large, ornate statue or design would either be impractical or unsuitable, a flat marker could be just as powerful a memorial with many more poignant examples of these kinds of memorials being prevalent throughout the world and are a lot cheaper than the extreme labour of love that something like a statue is. However, if you think that the person you are committing would enjoy it, or you want to make a real testament to how important they were too you then a statue incorporating various different things about their lives, such as photographs and poems will be a lasting tribute to their memory.

Type and quality of material

More often than not, the first consideration of the kinds of materials that you want to use will be one of the main deciding factors that will determine what kind of budget you will work with. So it’s really important that you consider this stage of the process with a great amount of care. There are obvious kinds of material like granite, marble and other heavy types of weatherproof and durable stones are used due to the fact that they are laminate, which means they do not absorb degrading water, durable and normally can be highly customizable in terms of colour and inscription, to match your design.

The other reason is that these stones hold some level of significance, with marble until recently being seen as a luxury item that only the rich could afford, and that is still in our mentality to give the people we love the best that we can. Memorial stonemasons can help with this particular need. Contact them thru the link for more information.

Cemetery or location regulations

However, before you have your heart set on anything and before you even start the process ideally, you need to get a clear idea of the sort of things that your planned cemetery will not allow so you can avoid them.  Generally speaking, cemeteries will publish a clearly laid-out list that will afford you clear guidelines from the cemetery about what is actually permitted in terms of the content of the memorial. As you could imagine this is to avoid people having rude or offensive gravestones or grave memorials and to prevent other mourners from having to see them.

Normally they only restrict certain things such as material deemed to be offensive and controversial or inappropriate symbols and language, however dependent on the specific customs of the graveyard in question, there may be extra stipulations around things like the location of the grave, they can limit anything from large sizes to bright or inappropriate colours and even the overall artistic nature of your memorial if it is deemed unacceptable in some way.


Why it’s important to have spacious office workstations.

When setting up an office for a new business there is an awful lot of planning that has to go into the project, more so than you’d imagine. If you were to have asked me to design an office layout 3 years ago I’d have said ‘easy, come back to me in a few hours and it will be done’ – though it wasn’t until I actually had to do it for real that I learned just how much thought has to go into it.


More often, what happens is that a manager or some other high up person will dictate where they think the furniture goes to best serve the needs of the company and save as much space as possible with the only real concern being that and making sure the employees aren’t distracted frequently. While we can see how constant talking and back and forth between colleagues about last night’s soaps can just seem like a cut and dry waste of time, there is a method behind the madness.

Contrary to the mindset of most managers, this does not mean that you will be more productive just because you are not distracted, there are healthy levels of interaction and cross-communication that happens in an office environment, after all it’s in our human nature. As long as that human behaviour is not distracting from the task at hand or not a serious waste of time, then what’s the harm.


For a start, you need to be conscious of the space that you have available and roughly how many people you are looking to fit inside, comfortably. A lot of people skimp on space and try to squeeze as many desks into one space as possible, though not only is this impractical but it can also be detrimental to the performance and health of your workers.

It is very important to ensure that you allow enough room to install spacious office work stations for your staff to give them room to breathe and perform well without touching elbows with their colleagues. You can find a wealth of various spacious office workstations that are perfect for allowing your team the space that they require to perform optimally.

It is always good to have your team spaced out on various islands, facing toward one another. The old fashioned exam room style layout is dated and encourages people to keep their heads down and keep themselves to themselves; whereas allowing your staff to face and interact with one another boosts productivity and increases the level of teamwork in the office.

Treat your team to modern office furniture.

When kitting out your office it is always important to bear your staff in mind and spend that little extra on quality furniture. Too many employers go out of their way to buy the cheapest office equipment to save money and inevitably end up with impractical furniture that breaks far too easily and renders their team uncomfortable and dissatisfied.

You should consider the ergonomics of office furniture and endeavour to purchase chairs that are designed with the health and safety of office workers in mind. There are ergonomic chairs that offer greater support for the back and neck which allows you to sit for greater periods of time without causing any discomfort. While these tend to be slightly more expensive than your factory standard office chair, it is worth every penny in the long run when you invest in the health and well-being of your workforce. After all, they are the backbone of your business, so you must ensure you take care of theirs.

As it is echoed by many office fit-out contractors, employees cannot be expected to perform their tasks efficiently if their mind is distracted by a persistent back injury or by a desk that is unsuitable for their height. Whoever you choose to assist with your office renovations should be consulted on this to help your workplace grow from a cramped uncomfortable nightmare to a well-furnished and smartly planned work environment.

For more information on the types of office furniture and ergonomics, you can find a number of websites where you will discover all of the knowledge required to successfully and safely kit out your workspace with modern office furniture in style.




How to get the most out of your recording studio time

So you have everything ready to go for your big day in the studio. The songs are written, the instruments are tuned and your drummers finally managed to set up “his” cymbals that are apparently critical to his performance.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that you are being efficient with this extremely expensive studio time you’ve got yourself. After all we are assuming that you are a small band trying to make it big. So let’s take a look at a few tips for using your studio time effectively.

Plan what you are going to record and its priority

Obviously you are going to want to have some kind of idea in your head about what the overall aim of your recording studio is. Are you hoping to release an EP or mixtape of some description? Or are you just looking to have some more materials to send to record companies?

Either way it will help a great deal if you coordinate with the rest of your band about what songs are going to be recorded first and how much editing work each one of them is going to need, make sure your sound engineer is aware of everything you are doing.

Try not to infuriate your sound technician

This is the person who will dutifully sit behind that sheet of glass with his headphones on, scanning through each track both during and after it is recorded. He will be the one advising you guys on how to get the very best possible sound out of the high tech equipment on hand and usually the one who you will be working with for a fairly decent chunk of your time and nits important that you get along even if it is only for a few hours.

Just treat them like a human being, don’t act like their boss and try to remain cool and collected if something does go wrong.

Make sure you know  what you’re paying for

Is the mastering of your tracks coming included in the price or is that an additional charge? How much does it cost if you overrun? Do they supply your tracks on a cd or do you have to bring your own flash dive? To avoid all of this effort and trouble then its advisable to find all of this out BEFORE you actually pay for anything. This will mean that you know what your getting and it doesn’t cause a problem with the engineer you will be working with on the day.

Its important that you follow these guidelines to get the best out of your session with many up and coming bands having to book new sessions because of problems arising from things like these.