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5 Occasions to Hire a Charter Fishing Vessel

Deep-sea charter fishing in Australia is a popular pastime that many anglers—both experienced and amateur alike—can thoroughly enjoy. It provides you with the opportunity to experience your hobby out on the open ocean where you can land some of the largest, monster fish you’ll have ever seen. Certainly, lake fishing has a therapeutic appeal, but there’s something really rather special about battling a 200kg Marlin!

In this article, we’re going to look at 5 different occasions when hiring a charter fishing vessel would be a great experience! Let’s get started:

1 – A birthday party

If your friend or partner has an upcoming birthday and they adore fishing, then what better a gift, then booking them an entire day off the coast of Sydney, deep-sea fishing? They can get together with a group of their favourite people and the best part is they don’t even need to be experienced anglers to have an incredible time. Any reputable charter fishing service, such as Blue Reef Fishing Charters, will offer guidance and tuition so that everyone involved can experience success and go home with a few bites of their own.

2 – A buck party

A buck party is one of the more popular occasions for hiring a charter fishing vessel. Most buck or stag parties consist of getting together and drinking and dressing the groom or ‘buck’ in ridiculous clothing and trying your very best to embarrass them. However, that doesn’t appeal to everyone. In fact, there are many people out there who would simply prefer to have their best friends and family around them, and to just enjoy a beautiful day out, with a few beers and some great company. Thus, hiring a fishing charter vessel is the perfect solution. You can bring an esky full of ice-cold beers and catch some monster fish! Perfect.

3 – A corporate event

Whether it be an incentive event to reward your top performers, or a special day out with a valued client, or a ‘whale’ that you’re trying to land; hiring a charter fishing vessel can be a great touch. Perhaps a prospective client has mentioned an interest in fishing; what better a way of wooing them that by taking them out for the day and enjoying a spot of deep-sea fishing?

4 – Family bonding

Throughout history, fishing has been dominated by a male majority. Whilst there are many women in the world who fish to provide for their families, as far as hobbies go, it’s mostly a man thing. However, you’d be surprised by how many women are beginning to take an interest in the sport. So, whilst you may wish to hire a charter fishing vessel to bond with your sons, why not see if your daughters would like to join you as well? Introducing your children to various activities such as fishing is a valuable thing indeed. It can teach them so vital life skills and gives you a brilliant opportunity to enjoy yourselves and to spend more time together as a family. That, and it’s even more important to approach all activities without any gender bias.

5 – Because you want to

Why not? If you’ve always wanted to try it, then get yourself booked in with a reputable charter service today!


The Benefits of Custom Made Flight Cases for Your Valued Equipment

Travelling is stressful enough as it is, when you consider how much thought is involved. You’ve got to make sure that you have your passport on you and that its up-to-date; arranging transportation to and from the airport; is your accommodation booked? When should you arrive at the airport to allow you enough time to check in and get on your flight? Is your hand-luggage too heavy? Do you have everything you need? The list goes on and on and very rarely does it run as smoothly as we’d hope.


The Lesser Known Reasons to Visit Bangkok

Wat PhoThe capital city of Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, it’s fair to say that part of its appeal is not necessarily portrayed in the most positive light. The thing is that this has seemed to take over the image of the city and this is not a fair reflection on it. There is an enormous number of reasons why it is so popular outside of the major tourist attractions such as Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew and Khaosan Road. However, a lot of these other highlights are slightly off the radar if you google search points of interest on Google. So let’s have a look of several of the hidden gems and less vaunted benefits of visiting the Big Mango.

Khlong Saen Seap

Starting in the Old City and reaching all the way out to Chachoengsao province this waterway is truly an experience not to be missed. Whilst Bangkok is renowned for its terrible traffic problems most people tend to only use the often impractical motorbike taxis or the MRT and BTS services. However, this Khlong, or canal, cuts right across central Bangkok from West to East and allows for a high-speed commute through some fascinating areas complete with quite individual views of the city. You can visit major locations such as Siam and its multitude of high-end shopping malls or trendy Thong Lor but all whilst seeing picturesque wooden houses, markets and temples in between.

Erawan Museum

Not far from Bearing station at the end of the line on the BTS you can take a quick taxi to see one of the most remarkable buildings not just in Bangkok but the whole world. The structure consists of a gigantic 3 headed elephant standing on a squat column base and the museum lets you climb up inside the elephant itself. The museum is full of antiquities and is well worth a visit but make sure you don’t miss your chance to take a photo from outside because no descriptions of the place will quite do it justice.

The Ghost Tower

This skyscraper positioned in the heart of Sathorn is one of the most unusual sights you will see in Bangkok. Whilst the surrounding area is very upmarket this tower is completely abandoned and now open to the public. Previously people were not allowed access but many found their own ways in. However after sightings of dead bodies and the dangers associated with trespassing the ghost tower was opened to the public as a tourist attraction.

home-deliveryHome Delivery Everything

Thailand is renowned for its service. This extends to the home or at least the location in which you are staying. It is possible to have almost anything delivered. Even restaurants which don’t technically do delivery will regularly allow you to order something and they will send it to you by motorbike, stopping at a shop on the way to pick up other things if required. Even the laundry delivery services in Bangkok can come to you and pick up your dirty clothes and return them to you on the same day if you wish.

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Scenic Locations for Australian Wedding Photos

Australia, quite simply, has some of the most incomparably beautiful backdrops for Wedding Photographs in the world. Due to its distinctive landscape, fantastic climate and cultural diversity almost any type of setting you can imagine can be found here. But with so much choice where do you start when trying to consider an ideal location for those perfect wedding photos? Here are some of the best.

Scenic Rim

Home to six national parks and a world heritage listed rain-forest, the Scenic Rim is an idyllic and diverse setting for your wedding with enough variety in locations and sights to cater for all. This region boasts uncountable hidden gems such as tropical waterfall backdrops like Curtis Falls or the sensational Tambourine Rain-forest Skywalk taking you to the highest point of the canopy to admire the surrounding flora and fauna. If the thought of heights seems a little daunting then the crystalline waters of Lake Moogerah provide a picturesque and tranquil setting which can take advantage of the endless sky set against the distant mountain ranges.


Wollongong Botanic Gardens provide you with that intimate natural backdrop so appropriate for your wedding photos. With unmatched floral beauty and charming landscapes you probably won’t want to leave. Choose their Rose Gardens for that classic symbol of love or perhaps the delicate red Japanese bridge to bring that oriental allure into your wedding photographs. If you’re looking for something with a timeless feel to it George’s Vintage Village has been created specifically for weddings and its rustic charm will transport you back in history. Notably this venue can be booked exclusively so you won’t be competing for those perfect uninterrupted photographic moments.

Whitsunday Islands

Looking for that barefoot beach wedding with a touch of opulence and sophistication or a wedding chapel overlooking a reef shaped like a heart, this island chain is renowned for being for one of the most sought after wedding destinations for good reason. Enjoy the white sands and your own private island as you give your wedding photographer the easiest possible canvas to work on. You could even get your feet wet and say your vows on board as you cruise past Whitehaven Beach on your exclusive boat basking in the blue landscape that The Whitsunday Islands are famous for.


Iconic, ancient and simply one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, Ayers Rock can create a spectacular backdrop to your wedding quite unlike any other. Witness the sunset painting the ancient rock through a spectacular palette of colours or spend your evening dining under the stars admiring the majesty of your surroundings. Such a symbolic occasion as your wedding day deserves such a location and is a photographer’s dream guaranteeing you the spectacular images this special day demands.


If you are looking for a wedding location with class, elegance and sophistication probably the first place a Newcastle Wedding Photographer will recommend is the waterfront estate of Stanley Park. This heritage residence dates back to 1897 and is full of original features giving a real sense of history to the location. Unlike many heritage residences, Stanley Park is nestled inside 28 acres of lovingly maintained lawns and paddocks. Sitting on the waterfront, it provides an ideal wedding location in a rural setting just 5 minutes from the beach but still remains within easy access of the local amenities with Newcastle and Nelson’s Bay less than 30 minutes’ drive away.


Being rich in Australian Heritage, Busselton is quite a popular place for tourism and wedding events. Among the top spots is the Busselton Jetty which stretches out to about 2 kilometres into the ocean. It makes it the second longest wooden jetty in the world and the first, south of the globe. It is definitely not difficult to imagine any bride’s dream wedding here.


Learning To Drive – L to P

When you hit the long anticipated age of 16, attaining a driving license often finds itself on top of the list of things to do. Learning to drive is one of the most common tasks undertaken in Australia, seeing countless of individuals both young and old register for the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) every day.

Before you begin your learning journey, there are a few things you ought to educate yourself on. First, the process of learning to drive and second, assessing if you need to enroll in a driving school.

The Process

For the residents of New South Wales, this exciting process starts with the taking of the DKT. To prepare for that, applicants can check out the Road Users’ Handbook and visit the Road and Maritime Services website for more information.

Upon completion of this, you will officially become an L plater. The learner’s license is good for 5 years, giving you ample time to learn to drive. Armed with your Learner Driver Log Book (learners above 25 years old are exempt from using this), you can now legitimately operate a vehicle with a supervising driver at hand.

Be conscientious in recording your driving experience because in order to proceed further, you need to clock 120 hours of driving over a period of at least 12 months.

With these achieved, you can confidently go ahead to attempt the final driving test when you turn 17. Pass it and congratulations – you are a learner no more, with your brand new Provisional license!

Finding a Supervising Driver

Process aside, a crucial individual in this journey of you learning to drive is the supervising driver. While the first person that comes to mind is often a parent, relative or close friend, it is imperative that you remember that teaching someone to drive can be a stressful task that not everyone is cut out for.

That someone you have in mind may be an extremely proficient driver, but when it gets down to explaining the clockworks of driving, it might be a different story all together. Therefore, before you make your decision regarding this, these are the few pointers you ought to run through. Make sure that any potential supervising driver appreciates the good and ugly sides of teaching a learner.

Driving School

For those who can’t find a suitable candidate to be your supervising driver, driving schools are a very useful option to consider. After all, these establishments were set up just for situations like this and certainly, the instructors there are prepared to take on the teaching role.

Also, remember the logbook mentioned earlier and how you need to chalk up 120 hours? With a paid driving instructor, you can key 3 hours into your logbook for every 1 hour, up to 10 hours. In short, if you register for a 10-hour course at a driving school, you get to record 30 hours into your logbook!

Driving schools are not hard to find, with tons of them dotted all over the country. However, having said this, it is also vital that you choose an institute that can ensure a solid education in driving. With the plethora of schools out there, it can be a tedious job in itself to select the best school.

The most important thing to lookout for first is whether the driving instructors are fully qualified. Second, you would want a school that obviously possess the type of vehicle you plan on learning – automatic or manual transmission. Also, it is wise to go for schools with instructors who can provide structured lesson plans on a one-on-one training basis. Driving schools promise comprehensive lessons for learners with dedicated instructors with a wealth of experience.

Finally, trust your instincts. After all, isn’t driving on the road all about instincts?

If you are still eager for further information you can always you can follow the link and have a browse in regard to getting a licence