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5 Occasions to Hire a Charter Fishing Vessel

Deep-sea charter fishing in Australia is a popular pastime that many anglers—both experienced and amateur alike—can thoroughly enjoy. It provides you with the opportunity to experience your hobby out on the open ocean where you can land some of the largest, monster fish you’ll have ever seen. Certainly, lake fishing has a therapeutic appeal, but there’s something really rather special about battling a 200kg Marlin!

In this article, we’re going to look at 5 different occasions when hiring a charter fishing vessel would be a great experience! Let’s get started:

1 – A birthday party

If your friend or partner has an upcoming birthday and they adore fishing, then what better a gift, then booking them an entire day off the coast of Sydney, deep-sea fishing? They can get together with a group of their favourite people and the best part is they don’t even need to be experienced anglers to have an incredible time. Any reputable charter fishing service, such as Blue Reef Fishing Charters, will offer guidance and tuition so that everyone involved can experience success and go home with a few bites of their own.

2 – A buck party

A buck party is one of the more popular occasions for hiring a charter fishing vessel. Most buck or stag parties consist of getting together and drinking and dressing the groom or ‘buck’ in ridiculous clothing and trying your very best to embarrass them. However, that doesn’t appeal to everyone. In fact, there are many people out there who would simply prefer to have their best friends and family around them, and to just enjoy a beautiful day out, with a few beers and some great company. Thus, hiring a fishing charter vessel is the perfect solution. You can bring an esky full of ice-cold beers and catch some monster fish! Perfect.

3 – A corporate event

Whether it be an incentive event to reward your top performers, or a special day out with a valued client, or a ‘whale’ that you’re trying to land; hiring a charter fishing vessel can be a great touch. Perhaps a prospective client has mentioned an interest in fishing; what better a way of wooing them that by taking them out for the day and enjoying a spot of deep-sea fishing?

4 – Family bonding

Throughout history, fishing has been dominated by a male majority. Whilst there are many women in the world who fish to provide for their families, as far as hobbies go, it’s mostly a man thing. However, you’d be surprised by how many women are beginning to take an interest in the sport. So, whilst you may wish to hire a charter fishing vessel to bond with your sons, why not see if your daughters would like to join you as well? Introducing your children to various activities such as fishing is a valuable thing indeed. It can teach them so vital life skills and gives you a brilliant opportunity to enjoy yourselves and to spend more time together as a family. That, and it’s even more important to approach all activities without any gender bias.

5 – Because you want to

Why not? If you’ve always wanted to try it, then get yourself booked in with a reputable charter service today!


How to Find the Right Gym

Eating healthy and working out has become more fashionable than ever before, and as a result, there are now a seemingly endless amount of gyms springing up all over the place. Unfortunately, having so much choice doesn’t always make deciding very easy, especially if you’re not sure what to look for when scouting for a new gym to train in.

Choosing the right gym to workout can make or break your fitness routine, so it’s important to find a place that’s not only convenient to get to, but also makes you feel comfortable with the surroundings and the staff as well as the other clients.

Shopping around for gyms is something that can quickly get expensive; one time fees are expensive, and many of the free trials on offer don’t really give you enough of the experience to make an informed decision on how much you like the place. So, as well as actually getting a feel for the gym, it’s a good idea to a little research on the different programs on offer, and the credentials of the trainers holding the classes, before deciding to make that all-important visit for your initial session.

Finding the Best Executive Gym

Location and Convenience

Top of the list for most people is location. The closer and more convenient it is for you to visit the gym, the more regularly you’ll be able to visit, and the more likely you’ll actually do so.


gym class

It’s highly important to feel at ease in your gym. If you’re just starting out it’s common to have insecurities about working out around others with a much higher level of fitness, in which case you’ll be looking for a place the offers beginners classes, or private sessions. If you’re a long time gym goer and confident in your abilities, then you’ll no doubt be looking for a place where you can work out with other high-level athletes. Some gyms provide classes and session for all levels of fitness; others don’t.

Services and Facilities

gym class

Most gyms are built with a specific purpose in mind. Some are simply for fitness and offer an array of machines and weights, others incorporate aerobics, yoga, dance and other forms of exercise, others are geared more towards combat sports and martial arts, and some even incorporate them all.

Choose a gym the offer the services that you would most like to take advantage of, and as far as facilities go, locker rooms, showers, swimming pools, sauna’s, steam rooms may be considered a luxury in some gyms, or they may come as standard in others.

Staff Credentials


In the world of fitness, it can be easy to construct an elaborate past that exaggerates one’s credentials, however, it’s usually just as easy to uncover any frauds with a little research. Be sure to ask around about your trainer’s credentials, and take to the Internet to conduct your own research if needed.


How Muay Thai help you stay fit

As with any kind of physical exertion, from pushups to walking up the stairs, obviously a vigorous and energetic sport like Muay Thai is going to be great for keeping you fit. There is a reason that many Muay Thai and MMA fighters have amazing physiques and levels of athleticism, after years of honing their skills, their body has followed suit making them muscular, lean fighting machines that put other peoples bodies and physical abilities to shame. But let’s look at some of the reasons that attending Muay Thai classes can help to improve your fitness in a number of different areas.

Fitness is ingrained into Muay Thai philosophy

To perform Muay Thai involves a lot of kicking and twisting, trapping and other high energy movements, subsequently, rather than being all about the physical aspect of fighting, the theory behind Muay Thai states that you must hone your whole body to become resistant to damage in order to inflict it. In the days-gone-by the actual focus on Muay Thai was more about being fit and athletic than being incredibly muscly or strong. This is because for up to five round (unless there is a knockout before that) you will be fighting man to man (or woman to woman) with another combatant in this highly energetic manner and it is of paramount importance that you do not tire easily.

It is a high cardio activity

Central to this philosophy is that cardio training when it comes to Muay Thai is far more important than weight training or muscle gain. It just isn’t necessary to be that big as Muay Thai teaches you to be an effective and hard hitting fighter regardless of your physical size or stature. A good example of this would be to look to the home of Muay Thai, which is obviously Thailand, the people of Thailand are not exactly known for their tall or muscly size however they have managed to negate that by coming up with such an effective and efficient system of fighting. .


As we previously discussed, there is an awful lot of turning and twisting that goes into Muay Thai, not too mention the other activities like learning the different front kicks and the correct footwork all require a degree of flexibility and Muay Thai trainers practice flexibility drilling exercises so that they are prepared for whatever direction the fight may bring them in. This is because not being flexible enough and trying to over extend yourself can lead to serious injury and event permanent disablement. Its more for the safety of the practitioner than anything but you will; still find that extra flexibility paying off both in your gym performance and your overall endurance abilities.


Reasons Why New Zealand Has the World’s Finest Sports Fishing

It’s no big secret that New Zealand is one of the world’s finest destinations for enjoying fishing. The country is a haven for a wide variety of maritime pursuits such as surfing, jet boating, paragliding etc. but it is probably best well known for its fishing. I personally believe it is the best location you can visit anywhere in the world if you enjoy angling and here are a few of my reasons why:

Bountiful Waters

One of the main things which separates New Zealand from rival fishing destinations is its wealth of fish available to catch in its waters. You can potentially sail far out to sea and look for less well trodden spots but it is still perfectly possible to catch a wide variety of fish without even going far from the land. Snapper are famous in this region, can easily be caught around the Northern Island and they can be found up to potential weights of 10 kilos. Alongside these you can aim to catch kingfish, marlin, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, kahawai, trevally to only name a few.

Freshwater & Saltwater

FreshwaterYou are certainly not limited to one over the other in New Zealand and you will find just as much enjoyment fishing both inland and at sea. There are many river mouths which are fantastic for catching white bait and inanga. The lakes and rivers of New Zealand are home to a great many trout and salmon. Brown trout and rainbow trout will be plentiful and the brown trout in New Zealand are world famed.

Majestic Scenery

Another one of the major draws for fishing in New Zealand is the glorious landscape and scenery which is always surrounding you. Whether you are fishing off the coast or inland you will struggle to find any locations which does not leave you aghast and in awe. Boasting more than 15’000 km of coastline there is always something new to see and imagine the thrill of big game fishing surrounded by the numerous islands dotted around the Northern Island.

Suitable for All Levels

Something which New Zealand has going for it as well is that it is suitable for all levels of fishing. It is perfectly realistic to take a tranquil and sedate family trip out on a boat which will be suitable for children and people who have never been fishing before. However, it is equally possible to be looking to catch some of the world’s largest marlins and swordfish whilst chasing them high speed on a high powered boat and wrestling with granders for hours. It doesn’t matter whether you are a grizzled veteran looking for a challenge or you want to try out fishing for the first time New Zealand will have something suitable for all.

Different Fishing Types

Many places specialise in one type of fishing whereas New Zealand has them all on offer in equal measure. It doesn’t matter what your preference is there will be something ideal for you. You can go game and sport fishing but you can also go crab fishing or even go kayak fishing. Being such a country famed for its fishing history there are such a wide range of options that you could fulfil a lifetime’s fishing desires here alone.

Fishing History

FishingNew Zealand is tied to fishing closely and has been historically for years. Fishing is the most common pastime for locals and so it makes sense to sample the local passion and understand why it is so popular. By learning from the locals you will get a much greater feel for the local customs and techniques as well as connections to Maori ancestors and language such as learning how the North Island is called Te Ika a Maui meaning Maui’s fish due to it looking like the tail of a fish.

Diversity of Locations

The fishing in the Northern Island is very different to the Southern Island and so you can experience very different fishing conditions within a relatively small area. You can go for fishing charters in Auckland and enjoy chasing the larger fish amongst the islands through Outer Gulf Charters or alternatively visit the Southern Island and spend the time exploring the inland lakes and rivers whilst searching for world famous fresh water fish surrounded by mountains and panoramic views.

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Easy Ways to Reduce Bicycle Flat Tires

Fixing a flat tire is an inevitable case of when rather than if for cyclists. Although it is not an overly difficult task to complete it can be a rather frustrating occurrence and always seems to happen at the most inopportune times. Preventing a problem is always preferable to cure it so it is therefore wise to consider following a few straightforward tips to reduce the possibilities of experiencing this common irritation. They will also help extend the lifespan of your tyres and therefore reduce the costs of replacements.

Check the Pressure Routinely

tyre pressurePinch flats are caused when the inner tube is forcibly pushed against the wheel rims of your bicycle and the most frequent cause of these is when the tire hits against sharp edges such as potholes or curbs. The likelihood of these happening can be reduced by ensuring that your tyres are inflated fully before setting out on any journey. The extra air inside the tyres will prevent them from deforming which is what allows the inner tube to contact the rims. One way to completely eliminate this issue is to go tubeless. These tyres have no inner tubes at all and whilst they can be slightly more expensive they are very effective at bringing down the number of flats you will experience.

Inspect the Tyres Regularly

bikeAlongside checking the tyre pressures you should always give them a quick inspection before and ideally after any journey. It is far less frustrating to discover and fix a flat as soon as possible rather than the moment you are heading out or when you’re 2 minutes down the road. In fact, by doing this you may completely prevent a potential flat. Bits of glass and other sharp objects will get embedded in the tyres but often these can be removed before they have had the chance to tear the inner tube within. One great way to do this is to gently spin the tyre and drape a small piece of cloth or something equivalent over it as it rotates. If there are any foreign bodies stuck in the tyres they should snag on the material so they can be easily located and then removed.

Select the Appropriate Tyres

tires typesDon’t be seduced by the desire for super lightweight tyres if these are not suitable for your needs. Whilst they might be ideal for racing or indoor use they will struggle to hold up to the rigours of day-to-day life. The additional weight is normally quite negligible and when compared to the hassle of continually repairing them, of very little benefit. You can even go one step further and use tyres which utilise integrated puncture-resistant lining. Various brands of these types of tyres are available from bicycle shops in Brisbane and will, for only a minor increase in overall weight, limit the number of flats you experience. Lastly, consider where you will be using your bike and your local area and buy the correct tyres for your needs whether that’s off-road mountain biking, urban commuting or high-speed racing.


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Using gym equipment correctly and effectively

If you have decided to get into shape and you have applied for membership at your local gym, it is important to know how to work out properly and how to use the gym equipment correctly and effectively. This also applies to people who decide to buy their own fitness equipment from stores to use at home. This will prevent you from getting hurt or from misusing the equipment and subsequently damaging it. The following are some tips and suggestions that will go a long way in helping you to find your footing in the gym:

Using gym equipment

The first thing that you should do with any fitness equipment is to read the instructions and know how to operate the machine that you will be working out with for the next thirty to forty minutes. Do not assume that the equipment is going to be the same from gym to gym, as different places have different styles and different types of equipment that may have subtle changes from what you are used to. As such, make time to read and internalize how the equipment is operated before starting your work out.

Prepare for the work out

It is also important to have a warm up as soon as you arrive at your destination for working out. This is why there are many treadmills and stationary bikes placed strategically in any gym in the country. A warm up prepares your body for any intense cardio work out, resistance training or strength training. This warm up typically lasts for five minutes or more, but does not take a lot of your time. It will prep you for the real work to be done at the gym, and should not be ignored.

Maintain proper form while using the equipment

Maintaining proper form while using gym equipment is important as it will prevent you from hurting yourself by accident. It will also ensure that your body gets the maximum benefit from the work out. Proper form varies from machine to machine. For instance, cardio equipment requires you to stand upright and ensure that your abdominal muscles are contracted, with your shoulders in a neutral position. You will also be required to ensure that your head does not project forward, and that your back, neck and pelvis are all aligned. You are not supposed to lean your weight on the hand rails, as this might damage the machines and put you in a lot of trouble.

Remember your etiquette while using the gym equipment

Good manners are also expected of you while using the machines. Wiping your sweat off the machines with a towel will please the next person waiting to use the machine, so make sure you do not forget to do so. Most gym members will be busy looking at their times on various machines, or will have music playing in their headphones. You should therefore resist the urge to interrupt them and instead focus on your own workout.


7 Benefits of Kids Learning Karate

If you are trying to find some valuable activities for your kids to do, wouldn’t it be interesting to let them enjoy an activity which will improve their physical and mental development along with teaching them self-defence? Karate is a Japanese form of self-defence which consists of dynamic offensive and defensive techniques using all parts of the body to the users’ maximum advantage and it is a form of martial arts. It is suitable for wide age ranges and, especially, for kids as they have the ability to learn new things quickly, which can help kids to develop their talents faster than people of older ages. Besides, the enjoyment of Karate for kids it provides other huge benefits.

 7 Benefits of Kids Learning Karate:


Some people may think that Karate is a dangerous activity which promotes violence, but it really isn’t and, instead, promotes self-defence. Moreover, children who learn Karate will know how to protect themselves and others from dangers which could happen at any time. It will also emphasize kids’ natural physical strength whilst they are learning karate.

Health & Fitness

When kids learn karate, they will need to move their bodies quite a lot in order to practice each gesture and movement, therefore it will grant the value of exercise to both their physical and mental health. The practice of Karate will totally build up their stamina and make kids healthy too.

Low Expense

Some parents may worry about the expense or additional costs of their kids’ extra-curricular activities but, with karate, equipment isn’t required and so the costs will be less than many other activities which often need expensive equipment.

Improved Focus & Attention

Karate also improves focus and attention span as it can develop composure and a clearer thought process, therefore children will be able to concentrate on lessons in school and pay more attention.


Karate creates a sense of discipline and self-confidence since there are many levels of classes which will provide goals for the kids to aim for. Hence, their confidence levels will be increased when they accomplish these new goals.

Mental Resolve

Karate is also a competition between two people which results in a winner and a loser at the end. So, kids will have a stronger mind in order to accept the result of the competition and it also teaches them to get back up after a fall.


People who learn karate have to know the value of respect as they have to respect each other. They have to respect their efforts, themselves and the teachers. So, kids who learn karate will also learn to respect other people more.

Therefore, you now know that Karate has various essential benefits for your kids, just like other sports. So, if you are searching for a good activity for your children, Karate for kids is one that you should seriously consider.

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Gold Coast Game Fishing for Marlin

The thrill of being miles out at sea chasing gigantic marlin as they jump out of the water around the stern of the boat is an experience you cannot miss out on when visiting Australia’s Gold Coast. The East Coast of Australia is one of the world’s finest big game fishing destinations and the Gold Coast attracts people from all over the globe year after year looking for the excitement of chasing grander-size fish. Marlin are considered by many anglers to be the ultimate prize in game fishing and this abundant region boasts some of the biggest marlin you can find. If you cannot wait to tick this off your bucket list, then there are many fishing charters in Brisbane who specialise in giving you that lifetime trip you have dreamed of.

How much do you know about marlins other than that they are gigantic billfish though? There are numerous species that can be found up and down the Eastern waters of Australia so let’s have a look at a few so that you can think about which species of marlins you are looking to fish for or even just learn some factoids to impress your shipmates with a bit of extra knowledge.

Blue Marlins

The Gold Coast is one of the leading locations for blue marlin fishing. Whilst they can be found all along the Eastern Coast of Australia, the Gold Coast has historically proven to be a very reliable area to catch these enormous fish. Records show that several blue marlins weighing in at over 400kgs have been caught in Australian waters. The best time to fish for blue marlins is January to May when the water temperatures are warmer.

Black Marlins

These highly sought after game fish are well known due to their sheer size and graceful jumps. If you’re looking to catch a grander then this is the fish for you. In Australian waters it is possible to catch a fish up to and above an astonishing 500kg in weight. Interestingly, the larger marlin caught are almost exclusively females particularly those weighing above 500kg. The only known breeding ground for black marlins is around The Great Barrier Reef from which they migrate southwards during the Southern Hemisphere summer. This means that the Eastern coastline of Australia is one of the most popular locations for catching black marlins.

Striped Marlins

Having a higher tolerance to colder waters the striped marlins can be found stretching further south than the other species. From these more southerly waters they migrate northwards up the Eastern coastline allowing Gold Coast fishers to enjoy some great fishing as they pass through. Although these fish do not grow to the same remarkable sizes as the black and blue marlins they are still highly prized catches and can be found in large numbers on the East Coast. This makes it one of the most reliable places to fish for marlins all year round.