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Basic Tips for Car Audio System Care

A point of pride for many car owners is its cleanliness. I mean, of course, I can think of a number of friends and family members whose cars are an absolute mess, all of the time. However, for us more sophisticated folk, with a beautiful motor that we adore; keeping it in great condition is paramount. – Particularly when it comes to our custom audio systems! 

The fact is, if you’ve invested in a custom audio system, then you’re going to want it to last. It’s not exactly the cheapest of investments, and cars do not tend to hold their value. Which is precisely why it is so important to treat them with as much care as possible. So, that we can enjoy them for longer.  

1 – Get your levels right  

With a new amp and Soundsystem, the first thing that you want to do is to crank it up and play your favourite tunes full blast. You must resist the urge. There are optimum sound levels that you can reach, and you have to be careful not to exceed it otherwise you could end up doing some serious damage to your stereo system (and to yourself).  

You only have one set of eardrums. You can always buy another set of speakers. – Remember that.  

2 – Ensure that everything is installed properly  

The key to aftercare is a proper installation. If you rush or botch the job yourself in a failed DIY attempt, then you could end up damaging the system and thus reducing its shelf-life. However, if you go through the professionals; you can have the sound system installed flawlessly by an expert.  

You might think it’s a good idea to DIY and save yourself some money, but when investing so much, why skimp on installation? Get it done properly if you want to care for it well.  

3 – Regularly clean your speakers  

Your speakers and amplifier should be cleaned regularly. How often you do this is up to you, but once a month at the least would be recommended. That might sound like a lot of effort, but it shouldn’t really take very long at all.  

Depending on the type of kit that you have, you may just need a soft, dry cloth and a light brush/hoover. You may not even have to take anything apart, but, if you do; be sure to do so carefully.  

4 – Avoid driving over potholes and speedbumps too quickly  

Yes, that is common sense, surely? But you’d be surprised by the number of people who rush over speedbumps carelessly, showing off to their friends. This will invariably damage the connections from cable to speaker and can loosen certain components. Drive safely and you’ll