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How to choose a good LinkedIn Photograph


Nowadays a very important tool for recruiting, job hunting, networking and even finding new trends in your industry is LinkedIn. It’s a network of influencers and business that stretches all over the world. And like any other kind of business interaction, first impressions are important. And a well taken, nicely presented, professional headshot of yourself to add to your profile can go a long way top growing your sphere of influence on this platform. So let’s go through a few pointers to help you take the best picture possible.


Your face should be filling at least 60% of the picture

While it may be very impressive to see you on the side of a mountain on your trip to Alaska last year (and that’s not sarcasm that actually sounds pretty cool) do bear in mind that the subject of the photograph is you. Therefore your face should be the most visible thing in the photograph. It’s called a headshot for a reason.

So crop your photo just below your shoulders and just above the top of your hair to truly draw focus to your face.

Dress for work

When a potential employer or client looks at your profile, they will want to see that you take yourself seriously, more so when it comes to your professional outlook. And as we already discussed, looks are important in business.

It’s good for your employer or client to be able to imagine you working on their behalf and wearing your work clothes in your headshot will help put that idea in their head.

Choose a suitable expression

While we aren’t suggesting you pull your most forced, ear to ear grin, it’s important to be aware of how your expression will affect the overall tone of the photograph.

The word of the moment is “approachable”, your photo should make it easy for somebody viewing it to imagine having a friendly conversation with you. Be careful about coming off as scary or intimidating, which is easier to do than you would think.

Avoid staring directly into the camera, if your taking this photo yourself be sure to set up a mirror next to your camera so you can see how your photograph will look in real-time.

Choose a recent picture

Now it’s important that you use a photograph that is representative of what you look like now. Somebody requesting an interview with you is not meeting the you from 4 years ago. Everyone likes to look young but if you use a photograph that is misleading it could potentially affect your credibility in that person’s eye.

Hopefully, we have given you a few helpful hints, please follow this link if you need some help finding a LinkedIn photographer.

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Staff for Company Headshots.

There are countless reasons your business would need to have some professional headshots taken. Maybe you’re having a new website made and want to include a section about the members of your team? Maybe you want email accounts to have professional looking pictures attached to them to give your team a more human appearance when corresponding with customers and clients? In any case, it is something that will include the majority of your office and will cause a significant amount of disruption in workflow for the time the pictures are going to be taken. So here are some tips that you can use to help prepare your staff for the day and minimize the impact on your companies output.

Make it morning

Booking a morning photo-shoot will make it possible to finish at around 10 am if started at around 7 am. This has a number of benefits, for a start, your staff will be fresh and not stressed from their professional responsibilities and results in far superior pictures. Secondly finishing at around 10 am will leave you and your staff with the rest of the day to complete your day to day activities.

Give it some space

Try and commit as much space as humanly possible for your staff and the photographers to work in as there will potentially be a fair number of people milling around in the room waiting for their photographs. And you will probably need to consult with your photographer about the details of your shoot as its happening, so it helps to have the space to facilitate all of this activity that will be going on.

How many pictures and of who?

Generally in the time-frame described above you would be able to squeeze in maybe 10 or 12 shots. Most photographers will set a minimum amount of shots in order to use their own time effectively. Ensure you know exactly who you want to be photographed and how you want them to present themselves in these pictures that more often than not will be representative of your entire team. Make sure that the people being photographed are aware of what is expected of them in terms of dress, style and facial expression, good professional headshots can help convey a number of different feelings when viewed so ensure that you are clear on the kind of tone you wish to set.

Be clear to the Photographer

More important than your employees understanding is the photographers understanding of exactly what needs to be done, what the pictures are being used for and how much time you have to take the shots. Ensuring that your photographer understands this prior to the shoot will assist them with minimizing time wasted and disruption to the office.




Unique Memorials and monuments from around the world

Different cultures around the world all have their ways of not only celebrating somebody’s life but also mourning their dead and remembering them. These are called memorials and we make them to forever remind us of the impact or influence that person once had on us, our people or our nation (amongst other things). Some are simple bronze plaques on a block of marble. And some of them are grandiose and awe-inspiring reminders of deaths ability to snatch away all people, great and evil, of all colours and creeds and cultures. So let’s take a respectful look at some more memorable and impressive examples of remembrance:

Upside-down Monument of Charles La Trobe (Australia)

This interesting and quirky memorial to a man called Charles La Trobe, formally First Lieutenant-Governor of the then newly founded colony Victoria in Australia, was originally placed in Melbourne’s city centre was later moved to the La Trobe University Bundoora as a mark of respect to the university that shares his name. His notable achievements are his dedication to public spaces and green areas in Victoria, many of which remain public areas thanks to his work in life and many parks, streets, and buildings being named in his honor.

Upside-down Monument of Charles La Trobe (Australia)

Albert Einstein Sitting and thinking (USA)

A charming and impressively lifelike statue of Albert Einstein, holding a research paper with real mathematical equations written on it, with a thoughtful expression on his face is located outside the  National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC. It was created by a sculptor called Robert Berks and visitors are encouraged to sit on his lap for a photo opportunity and many find his natural pose and it almost looks as if he is going to start reading out his theories on the equivalence of energy and matter.

Dalton Trumbo sitting and Writing in a Bathtub (USA)

This quirky and charming memorial depicts famous author and screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, causally pondering one of his next great works whilst sitting in his apparent favourite place to write his new works, the tub. All of this happening on a busy street in a Colorado town called Grand Junction. Unfortunately, he was later accused by the US government of being one of the so-called “Hollywood 10” who they alleged was incorporating his Communist views into his works of cinema. He was found guilty in 1950 of “contempt of Congress” and was sentenced to 11 months inside a Federal penitentiary. He later fled to Mexico City and remained there with fellow blacklisted communist Hugo Butler.  He later died at the age of 70 after a heart attack.

As is clear, the personal achievements of life pervade long after your death, these men names may eventually be forgotten. Was it not for these lasting memorials to their success, future generations can now look on these works of art and reverence for inspiration?


How to choose a good PI

While I hope you never find yourself in the position of needing a P.I, they do in fact provide an important service to the community, often a good PI will work very hard to not only help their clients but do so in a law-abiding and discreet way to ensure their client’s privacy and reputation is not besmirched in any way. So let’s look at some of the things that should be looked for in a good PI agency should you ever find yourself in a position of needing one.


Obviously, it goes without saying that a personal reference from a trusted source who knows you are the best kind. However, in the field of Private Investigation, you may not always be able to find one of your friends who has needed the services of a PI. The next best thing in my book would be a mixture of Google My Business reviews, reviews on forums and most local government or law enforcement would have a list of appropriately licensed PI firms to choose from. Always look to research the company you intend to use online and see what people have said about their service.


When consulting with a firm whose services you are interested in engaging be sure to ask them for evidence of their licensing from your local government or relevant authority. This ensures not only that they are professionally accountable for their actions, but it also shows that their investigators most likely have had their past conduct and background scrutinized before being licensed, giving you extra peace of mind.

Testifying in Court

A lot of PI’s will come from a professional law enforcement background, whether that be regular or federal police.  And as such if they come from this background they will understand how the legal system works and what is required by you before you go to court and also how to professionally collect evidence that is able to be submitted in court. And they would also know how to effectively testify to the evidence’s validity and credibility. Talk to your investigator   (dependent on the nature of your case) you should ask them what their professional background is, what previous experience they have with evidence collection and testifying and whether they would be willing to stand up in court and testify to the evidence they collect ’s authenticity.

A good judge of character and human behaviour

In the field of private investigation, one of the best traits your PI can have is the ability to spot patterns in human behaviour and to successfully predict how a person will respond to a situation or development, and how to use this to his advantage in order to conclude your case to your satisfaction and a PI  who is a good judge of character will be able to absorb and transmit information more effectively.




Why Real Grass Turf lawns are so popular right now


Who doesn’t love the feel of real, natural grass beneath your feet; something about the feeling transports you back to fun summers as a child, play in your own or a friend’s backyard, enjoying the sun and the freedom from school. As a method for achieving that luscious lawn of their childhood, many people are turning to natural turf, but why? What are the advantages overseeded? Well let’s take a look, shall we?




Unless you enjoy the look of patchy mud and overgrown clumps of grass on your lawn then chances are you are looking for a sweeping carpet of green to compliment your garden, well due to the presence of the laid sod which allows for a very precise and even coverage of blades. It achieves near perfection overnight rather than patchy disappointment over weeks.

Reseed from Re-seeding!

When you grow your own lawn from scratch, often times you will take the time to re-landscape, tidy the garden, prepare the ground soil, buy the pack of seed and fertilizer and put the effort into seeding the best you can. Only to then have all of your best-laid plans thwarted by unexpected rain or wind. People often find that they have to reseed multiple times over before they have the kind of grass coverage that they are looking for. With natural sod lawns, all this effort and time is unnecessary and you can transform from a raggedy unkempt garden to something fit for the likes of Downton Abbey normally in less than 2 hours provided that the appropriate prep is done.

Farewell Fertilizing!

Fertilizing your lawn can be potentially risky as the chemicals, in the wrong proportions can either not provide enough nutrition to grow the grass or actually poison the soils and lead to die-off if mixed in too strong a concentration, it also has a really unpleasant smell and is quite a harsh substance, not to mention the time consumed every week. Luckily with a natural turf lawn, the sod they are laid ion comes pre-fertilized, meaning you are not required to fertilize, for the first season in any case.

Wave away the weeds!

When growing your own lawn its very survival is in the hands of whether any weeds decide to steal your plants much-needed nutrients and water, causing them to not grow as quickly and in some cases kill off the lawn altogether. With a natural turf lawn, the thick layer of sod that your lawn is grown into actually kills off existing weeds very effectively. This is because the sod is thick and dark enough to block out the light that feeds the weeds ultimately starving them. And having a layer of readily established grass already present makes it more difficult for weeds themselves to get established.

I hope this will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing what kind of lawn you want to aim for. For further information on different turf supplies click here.

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Keeping Fit Is All About Motivation

It’s all well and good to decide that you are going to start doing more exercise and making an effort to get fitter. The problem is that many people decide they are going to do this and throw themselves into it full of gusto but then very quickly lose their impetus. After the initial buzz of wanting to work out more dies off and the reality of life kicks in, it is far too easy to put all of your initial thoughts to one side and become lax with your exercising.

The only way to get any true benefits from physical activities is to do them consistently. Doing a little bit of exercise for a few weeks and then having a long period off will provide you with very few health benefits and you won’t see any real physical changes to your body. What you need is something to increase your commitment and ways to keep yourself motivated to work out regularly. But how? Well different people will favour different approaches so here are a few suggestions to try out.

Do It with Friends

Keeping yourself motivated is much easier when you have other people around you. If you only ever go running, cycling or going to the gym alone you can quite easily become bored or distracted. Your enthusiasm to do it might reduce or you may find excuses why you don’t need to be doing anything on occasions. So one of the best ways to keep yourself interested is by exercising with friends. Doing this will make it more of a social affair and so you will look forward to the routine more because you will be spending time with your friends. Not only that but your friends will keep pushing you on those days where you are feeling lazy or uninterested. Find activities which you and your friends enjoy equally or try out new ways of keeping fit you haven’t done before. Whatever it is you choose to do, do it with your mates and make it more than just a physical workout.


Set Targets

When a lot of people decide that they want to do more exercise it is because they want to see a difference in their physical appearance or they want to feel healthier. The first few weeks this thought remains in people’s minds but after a short while when they deem that there is no evidence of their bodies changing people often lose their desire to continue. Clearly you need to be exercising for a long period of time before you will see any real changes so you need to be realistic and set yourself long term goals. If you are looking to lose weight, then think about how much you would like to lose by the end of each month and gauge yourself against your targets. Don’t be too hard on yourself you can’t expect to lose a stone every month but by giving yourself small goals and then checking your progress you will be able to see your progressions and once this happens your motivation will understandably increase.

Attend Classes or Organised Activities

Sometimes we can be quite dishonest with ourselves. It is very easy to convince yourself that you are doing all the right things and working out really hard even if you are not sometimes. You can convince yourself that you are motivated and fully committed but really you are just fooling yourself. If you go along to group activities or organised sports activities, then you will be able to stay away from this mind set. By having other people around you will push yourself more than normal and you will be able to see how hard other people are exercising. Try to find ways to push yourself further so that you are getting more back from your exercise.
personal trainer

Hire A Trainer

One of the most effective ways of motivating yourself is to hire a personal trainer. They will create a routine for you, set targets and suggest activities and exercises for you that will be catered to your needs. North Sydney personal trainers will not let you slack off and they will be your motivation even when you have none of your own. Having a professional alongside you can be very beneficial because they will be able to help with further advice such as exercises you can do at home and how to improve your nutrition. Rather than exercising with your friends you will probably make more effort to show a personal trainer that you have been keeping up with your fitness and this too will coax you into being more committed to your exercise regime.