Australian Custom Candy – How to Make Your Own

Did someone say custom candy?

If there is one thing the global population has in common it is most certainly our love for sweets and candy, no matter how young or old we are. From the very first moment a child takes their first step in life for the next 12-14 years they will likely be solely focused on the acquisition and consumption of copious amounts of candy.

After a while the necessity for acquiring candy will certainly become less important as other treats will begin to emerge, for example alcohol and the like – though for the most part, candy and sweets will always be a huge part of your life. Did I mention that everybody loves candy?

What would you say if I were to turn around to you and say that you can have your own custom candy made for you? I could hardly believe my eyes either to be honest and it is so straight forward and easy to do too! There are a number of different websites knocking around where you can buy custom candy online, giving you the opportunity to customise your own specialised candies.

This is perfect for making those special moments even more amazing. What better way to celebrate your children’s birthday than with a big bowl of custom made sweets, just the way they like them? You could even have some custom made candy for a special event, for example a wedding or a christening. There is so much that you can do with a wealth of different custom variations so you can be sure to provide something that will satisfy everybody’s sweet tooth.

Is Valentine’s Day around the corner? – Or perhaps it’s a loved one’s birthday? Then why not have some extra special custom candy designed for them on their special day. Having custom candy designed is a kind, thoughtful and romantic gesture that not many would think to do. Try it out and see what happens!


Is there a way to make your own custom candy at home?

While I appreciate that it is much easier to order your custom candy online through the likes of mymm’s and Candy Kitchen etc. – You can go as far as making your very own candy from home.

There are companies where you can order platinum silicone moulds that are certified for food contact. These can be cast in all manner of different shapes and designs for you to fool around with. Do you want some chocolate dice or candy butterfly lollipops? Simply design your mould and then get to work!

Once you have your moulds, you can find a number of different candy recipes all throughout the internet. One particular source that I came across which appears to have a great variety of awesome sweets and candy recipes is: Get your baking gear on and make a fun day of it with your children.