Best Methods for Tree Maintenance

Gardening is a common pastime across the globe. The community of green fingered people worldwide see that various plants are nurtured and flourish under such skilful care. While many may dive into sowing flowers and herbs, some within this very community are geared more towards trees.

Planting and maintaining this towering vegetation may not be as straightforward as many would think. Although, once you grasp the technique of how to upkeep trees, you are set for a lifetime of companionship with these sturdy giants.

The idea of tree maintenance varies from person to person and regardless of which school of thought you subscribe to, tree pruning and tree lopping are two of the most common ways of tending to your beloved plants. On top of that, you should perform constant checks to ensure that your plants are clear of pests and diseases.

Tree Pruning

Whether it is for aesthetics or health purposes, the first rule of thumb is with most species you should only prune trees when they are dormant. This usually means anytime between late autumn and winter. It is imperative that you do so only during this time as most trees bleed sap if you cut them when they are active, especially so in early spring.

When pruning trees, it is also imperative to consider the type of tree, whether it actually requires pruning and its age. For an example, conifers usually require minimal to no pruning at all other than the removal of infested or dead branches.

Finally, when undertaking this task, heavy and sharp equipment will usually be involved. To ensure the safety and long-term health of your trees, it is normally advisable to contact a trained and qualified professional to do this for you.

Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping is essentially the removal of the overgrown parts of a plant for various reasons. When a tree grows too close to a house and leaves start to collect on the roof or simply when owners want to avoid having the tree fall on the house under severe weather conditions, tree lopping is employed. This method is also performed to ensure that the tree is healthy and to avoid the possibility of tree removal.

In the case where gardens are sculpted to a specific design, parts of a tree are also then removed. This process has to be undertaken only in certain parts of the year, like pruning. Otherwise, the plant might just die from the trauma. Also, finding the right time to removal such a large section of a tree can ensure smooth recovery, lest the exposed section cannot callus over and in turn result in decay. When recovery fails to occur properly, trees are also then vulnerable to fungi and bacteria infection that cause the tree to rot.

While most trees, if lopping is done correctly, may recover well, new branches that sprout from the area that was cut could possibly be weaker than they are supposed to be. This results in the tree never achieving its former state and beauty.

The Experts

No matter what method of tree maintenance you subscribe to, one has to admit that caring for a tree is tricky business.

Therefore, when it comes to tree lopping or tree removal, again, hiring a professional is the way to go. This is especially for the safety and wellbeing of you and your family. Be it swiftly removing parts to save your precious trees or preventing a possible accident from happening, a reputable organisation will certainly tend to those needs. Companies like The Tree Firm specialises in providing top quality tree maintenance services that will grant you the peace of mind that your plants are in good hands.