3 Reasons Why Property Investors Use Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl cladding is becoming more and more popular home decoration choice all over Australia. In 2017, in Melbourne alone, over 12 00 properties increased its value just by having vinyl weatherboards installed on it.

Low maintenance building solution

wood claddingVinyl cladding is an extremely low maintenance and durable exterior building solution, which became widely used in decorating investment properties. Particularly because of its long-term economic gains.

External vinyl weatherboards or vinyl cladding, however you’d like to call it, is made from PVC and comes in form of planks that are fixed to the house frame. Most popular choice is wood look design in white colour.

Another great benefit of exterior house cladding is that it doesn’t easily peel or dent. Once you have installed it on your house, you won’t need to reinstall cladding for at least another 25 years!

Insulates your home

In the climates with four seasons, vinyl weatherboard cladding is perfect the choice as it contains insulation on the backside of the plank, keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike the traditional brick and mortar home a well-cladded house keeps the gas and air conditioning bills down to a minimum. That is a commonly used point by the real estate agents helping buyers and renters in choosing the right property.

In Australia, external vinyl weatherboard cladding is most popular in Melbourne, Victoria. Although the weather in Melbourne is seasonal, it’s well known to chop and change. Over the time locals have adapted to these changes and started installing vinyl weatherboards on their houses opposed to bricks and render.

Enjoy a beautiful looking home for a fraction of the cost

claddingVinyl cladding comes in a form of horizontal board affixed to the outside of your house horizontally. If you like diversity, there are a variety of other colours and textures to choose from such as azare blue, pink, ivory, slate grey and many more. It’s an excellent material to enhance the look of the house while keeping maintenance fees down. If you get a professional cladding supplier installing vinyl cladding on your house, you don’t need to worry about painting your house ever again.

In fact, Connolly Home Improvements are one of the most renown Cladding Suppliers in Melbourne, offering 50-years product guarantee.  Once they’ve installed cladding, you won’t need to change it for nearly a life time. Connolly Home Improvements have been installing vinyl weatherboards in Melbourne and its regions for generations. Their products are formulated to suit the UV conditions experienced in Australia and are the first choice for residents in Melbourne when it comes to vinyl cladding.