Keeping Fit Is All About Motivation

It’s all well and good to decide that you are going to start doing more exercise and making an effort to get fitter. The problem is that many people decide they are going to do this and throw themselves into it full of gusto but then very quickly lose their impetus. After the initial buzz of wanting to work out more dies off and the reality of life kicks in, it is far too easy to put all of your initial thoughts to one side and become lax with your exercising.

The only way to get any true benefits from physical activities is to do them consistently. Doing a little bit of exercise for a few weeks and then having a long period off will provide you with very few health benefits and you won’t see any real physical changes to your body. What you need is something to increase your commitment and ways to keep yourself motivated to work out regularly. But how? Well different people will favour different approaches so here are a few suggestions to try out.

Do It with Friends

Keeping yourself motivated is much easier when you have other people around you. If you only ever go running, cycling or going to the gym alone you can quite easily become bored or distracted. Your enthusiasm to do it might reduce or you may find excuses why you don’t need to be doing anything on occasions. So one of the best ways to keep yourself interested is by exercising with friends. Doing this will make it more of a social affair and so you will look forward to the routine more because you will be spending time with your friends. Not only that but your friends will keep pushing you on those days where you are feeling lazy or uninterested. Find activities which you and your friends enjoy equally or try out new ways of keeping fit you haven’t done before. Whatever it is you choose to do, do it with your mates and make it more than just a physical workout.


Set Targets

When a lot of people decide that they want to do more exercise it is because they want to see a difference in their physical appearance or they want to feel healthier. The first few weeks this thought remains in people’s minds but after a short while when they deem that there is no evidence of their bodies changing people often lose their desire to continue. Clearly you need to be exercising for a long period of time before you will see any real changes so you need to be realistic and set yourself long term goals. If you are looking to lose weight, then think about how much you would like to lose by the end of each month and gauge yourself against your targets. Don’t be too hard on yourself you can’t expect to lose a stone every month but by giving yourself small goals and then checking your progress you will be able to see your progressions and once this happens your motivation will understandably increase.

Attend Classes or Organised Activities

Sometimes we can be quite dishonest with ourselves. It is very easy to convince yourself that you are doing all the right things and working out really hard even if you are not sometimes. You can convince yourself that you are motivated and fully committed but really you are just fooling yourself. If you go along to group activities or organised sports activities, then you will be able to stay away from this mind set. By having other people around you will push yourself more than normal and you will be able to see how hard other people are exercising. Try to find ways to push yourself further so that you are getting more back from your exercise.
personal trainer

Hire A Trainer

One of the most effective ways of motivating yourself is to hire a personal trainer. They will create a routine for you, set targets and suggest activities and exercises for you that will be catered to your needs. North Sydney personal trainers will not let you slack off and they will be your motivation even when you have none of your own. Having a professional alongside you can be very beneficial because they will be able to help with further advice such as exercises you can do at home and how to improve your nutrition. Rather than exercising with your friends you will probably make more effort to show a personal trainer that you have been keeping up with your fitness and this too will coax you into being more committed to your exercise regime.