Reasons Why New Zealand Has the World’s Finest Sports Fishing

It’s no big secret that New Zealand is one of the world’s finest destinations for enjoying fishing. The country is a haven for a wide variety of maritime pursuits such as surfing, jet boating, paragliding etc. but it is probably best well known for its fishing. I personally believe it is the best location you can visit anywhere in the world if you enjoy angling and here are a few of my reasons why:

Bountiful Waters

One of the main things which separates New Zealand from rival fishing destinations is its wealth of fish available to catch in its waters. You can potentially sail far out to sea and look for less well trodden spots but it is still perfectly possible to catch a wide variety of fish without even going far from the land. Snapper are famous in this region, can easily be caught around the Northern Island and they can be found up to potential weights of 10 kilos. Alongside these you can aim to catch kingfish, marlin, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, kahawai, trevally to only name a few.

Freshwater & Saltwater

FreshwaterYou are certainly not limited to one over the other in New Zealand and you will find just as much enjoyment fishing both inland and at sea. There are many river mouths which are fantastic for catching white bait and inanga. The lakes and rivers of New Zealand are home to a great many trout and salmon. Brown trout and rainbow trout will be plentiful and the brown trout in New Zealand are world famed.

Majestic Scenery

Another one of the major draws for fishing in New Zealand is the glorious landscape and scenery which is always surrounding you. Whether you are fishing off the coast or inland you will struggle to find any locations which does not leave you aghast and in awe. Boasting more than 15’000 km of coastline there is always something new to see and imagine the thrill of big game fishing surrounded by the numerous islands dotted around the Northern Island.

Suitable for All Levels

Something which New Zealand has going for it as well is that it is suitable for all levels of fishing. It is perfectly realistic to take a tranquil and sedate family trip out on a boat which will be suitable for children and people who have never been fishing before. However, it is equally possible to be looking to catch some of the world’s largest marlins and swordfish whilst chasing them high speed on a high powered boat and wrestling with granders for hours. It doesn’t matter whether you are a grizzled veteran looking for a challenge or you want to try out fishing for the first time New Zealand will have something suitable for all.

Different Fishing Types

Many places specialise in one type of fishing whereas New Zealand has them all on offer in equal measure. It doesn’t matter what your preference is there will be something ideal for you. You can go game and sport fishing but you can also go crab fishing or even go kayak fishing. Being such a country famed for its fishing history there are such a wide range of options that you could fulfil a lifetime’s fishing desires here alone.

Fishing History

FishingNew Zealand is tied to fishing closely and has been historically for years. Fishing is the most common pastime for locals and so it makes sense to sample the local passion and understand why it is so popular. By learning from the locals you will get a much greater feel for the local customs and techniques as well as connections to Maori ancestors and language such as learning how the North Island is called Te Ika a Maui meaning Maui’s fish due to it looking like the tail of a fish.

Diversity of Locations

The fishing in the Northern Island is very different to the Southern Island and so you can experience very different fishing conditions within a relatively small area. You can go for fishing charters in Auckland and enjoy chasing the larger fish amongst the islands through Outer Gulf Charters or alternatively visit the Southern Island and spend the time exploring the inland lakes and rivers whilst searching for world famous fresh water fish surrounded by mountains and panoramic views.