Swimming Pool Maintenance

Owning a swimming pool is something which brings people great pleasure. The joy of having your own little space to relax whether it be for splashing around in the water and kicking back poolside or having a pool which you use for to get regular exercise sessions in, it is something envied by everyone without one. However as a pool owner you are probably more than aware that it doesn’t just look after itself. If it is your own private pool and you don’t have somebody who takes care of it for you then you need to be performing certain checks and routine maintenance else it will fall into a state of disrepair quickly and cost you considerable amounts to fix it as well as potentially becoming unusable when you most want to use it. So what are some of the things which you need to be doing to keep your swimming pool clean and functioning properly?

Regular Vacuuming

You should be doing this up to every week to ensure that it is clean and sanitised. It will also reduce the need for chemicals within the pool. You can do it yourself manually or buy an automated vacuum which will do it for you. Either way if you are not vacuuming the sides and flooring you will start to experience a build-up of algae which will be troublesome to remove and potentially damage the internal surface of the pool.

Check pH LevelsCheck pH Levels

You might remember pH checks from school where you were measuring the acidity or alkalinity of something with a test strip. Even if you don’t all that was involved was taking a specifically designed stick of paper and dipping it in a liquid which in turn causes a colour to emerge. This colour indicates the pH level. This level in your pool will determine how healthy the water is. It is a job which can be performed quite simply so check the pH levels and compare these against what they should be.

Clean Around the Pool

People often neglect this but the cleanliness of the area surrounding the pool is just as important as the pool itself. If it is dirty or littered in debris this will either get picked up on people’s feet and then introduced to the pool or simply blown into it by the wind. All of your hard work keeping your pool clean will be a waste of time if you are leaving the outside dirty. Keep it regularly mopped and cleaned as there will likely be more dirt and contaminants here than anywhere else.

Pool Filter CleaningPool Pump

You need to make sure that your pool pumps and pool filters are working properly or the system will have to work harder to maintain its cleanliness or simply not provide the adequate levels of filtration it is capable of. Both pumps and filters are simple to routinely clean. They vary depending on their type but they should come with manufacturer’s instructions on how to perform regular maintenance. Don’t ignore these guidelines or you might end up with a dirty pool, higher electricity bills and eventually a need to purchase a replacement pump which you could have easily avoided.