How dancing can improve your health

Dancing is an extremely fun exercise to do. If you are starting to get a little bored of the monotony with running or cycling, why not spice things up and try a dance class? Dancing is actually, believe it or not, a pretty good form of exercise, and committed professional dancers say that it gives great deal of health and confidence benefits to your body both physically and mentally. Some people are too shy to do it, so they avoid dancing. But c’mon you can do it! Here are reasons you should start dancing now!

In case you join dance classes that are high intensity or an interval dance (switching between slow-fast moves), you are also doing ‘anaerobic’ exercise. You will use energy directly from your muscles during an intense workout. It helps with building lean muscles and you can burn continuously for 48 hours after exercising.

Get ripped

Dancing requires you to move your body around into different kinds of position quickly and with a high heart rate, especially in your lower body such as your abs muscles and normally most dancing steps will require lower body coordination as well as a certain level of flexibility and agility in these parts. It affects your many different muscle groups in our body which in turn can lead to these parts becoming more muscular through repeated use, and also lowering your overall fat content. You also need balance in ballet and almost every other type of dance, so it uses core and back muscles. Your arms also move together with your legs, so your arms do work too!

These days many different gyms incorporate dancing as part of the many exercise and training programs that they provide in order to not only add variety and a great workout but also introduce people to the gym environment in a slightly less rigid and more informal way.

Trim the fat

Dancing is what is known as an ‘aerobic’ kind of exercise activity which uses carbohydrates and fat stored in your body as a fuel for dancing. That means that you will burn fat while also improving the heart and lungs at the same time. During dancing, the heart pumps faster which is good for your blood circulation. It also improves overall health and fitness. This also helps a whole host of other fitness and sporting related areas including your cardio level, your stamina and more importantly, your mobility.

The reason for this is as you push the limits of your preexisting cardio vascular system, it becomes used to these kinds of stresses and strains and as you do this repeatedly it then learns to adapt, making your lungs breathe deeper and as you begin to lose more and more weight and become fitter, it is definitely something that you will see rapid improvement in the amount you can run, how long you can lift heavy objects and how well you can keep going and recover in any physical based situation.

Mental health and mood

A you begin any cardio vascular based exercise (particularly if you finds that kin d of exercise or activity particularly fun, ) endorphins will be released during the activity (in this case dancing)  and this causes you to feel happier, more energetic and all things considers, in a pretty good mood for a short while after you complete the exercise. The great benefit of doing any kind of exercise is you will feel like a new person when you are finished.  After all, what could be better than an activity that is fun helps you lose weight, and gain new friends and exercise buddies through the gym and actually makes you intrinsically happier to perform? This has proven to be so effective that they are now rolling out dances across many different countries in order to help with mild mental health and anxiety problems.

So if you are feeling like you are a bit down and not really interested in exercise, first of all it should be something you are doing anyway for your health, but if you haven’t got a regular exercise routine, finding a decent dance classes in Sydney is a great place to start and you can also finds a heap of people who are in the same boat as you who all want to better themselves, and sometimes banish those mental blues.