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Basic Tips for Car Audio System Care

A point of pride for many car owners is its cleanliness. I mean, of course, I can think of a number of friends and family members whose cars are an absolute mess, all of the time. However, for us more sophisticated folk, with a beautiful motor that we adore; keeping it in great condition is paramount. – Particularly when it comes to our custom audio systems! 

The fact is, if you’ve invested in a custom audio system, then you’re going to want it to last. It’s not exactly the cheapest of investments, and cars do not tend to hold their value. Which is precisely why it is so important to treat them with as much care as possible. So, that we can enjoy them for longer.  

1 – Get your levels right  

With a new amp and Soundsystem, the first thing that you want to do is to crank it up and play your favourite tunes full blast. You must resist the urge. There are optimum sound levels that you can reach, and you have to be careful not to exceed it otherwise you could end up doing some serious damage to your stereo system (and to yourself).  

You only have one set of eardrums. You can always buy another set of speakers. – Remember that.  

2 – Ensure that everything is installed properly  

The key to aftercare is a proper installation. If you rush or botch the job yourself in a failed DIY attempt, then you could end up damaging the system and thus reducing its shelf-life. However, if you go through the professionals; you can have the sound system installed flawlessly by an expert.  

You might think it’s a good idea to DIY and save yourself some money, but when investing so much, why skimp on installation? Get it done properly if you want to care for it well.  

3 – Regularly clean your speakers  

Your speakers and amplifier should be cleaned regularly. How often you do this is up to you, but once a month at the least would be recommended. That might sound like a lot of effort, but it shouldn’t really take very long at all.  

Depending on the type of kit that you have, you may just need a soft, dry cloth and a light brush/hoover. You may not even have to take anything apart, but, if you do; be sure to do so carefully.  

4 – Avoid driving over potholes and speedbumps too quickly  

Yes, that is common sense, surely? But you’d be surprised by the number of people who rush over speedbumps carelessly, showing off to their friends. This will invariably damage the connections from cable to speaker and can loosen certain components. Drive safely and you’ll

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How to overcome your mental fear of the dentist

Now, it’s probably kind of obvious that a trip to the dentist for a procedure is not exactly on the top of everybody’s bucket list unless you actively enjoy strangers putting their hands in your mouth and stabbing your face with metal implements. Sorry.

For some people, however, this fear turns into a phobia and can be debilitating to the patient causing everything from nausea to panic attacks. Naturally, this isn’t a productive environment for your dentist to work in and it’s not a healthy situation for somebody with this type of phobia, so let’s look at a few ways you can help elevate the symptoms of this fear.

Tell Your Dentist!

If you suffer from a phobia of dental procedures then it is absolutely essential you let your dentist know.

The chances are you’re not the only patient on his books who have this kind of fear and it’s something that he not only will be used to in his physical experience but increasingly they are teaching dentists the importance of good bedside manner and the benefits of calming your patient down as much as possible before a procedure in Dentistry School.

So just relax and calmly explain to the dentist that you are slightly apprehensive and they will do their best to take that into account as they work.

Get a Good nights sleep

Being relaxed in the dentists is important, not just for your own anxiety but also for your dentist to work effectively and safely he needs to be able to be confident that you are not going to panic, move or otherwise make other unexpected movements.

Often time’s people who suffer from a phobia of dentists know they have an appointment in the morning and will not sleep the night before in apprehension. This is detrimental to you relaxing at the dentist while he is working, some dentists will even prescribe sedative the night before the procedure and then again just before to ensure that you sleep enough.

Painless injections

It’s long been known that you can have a shot of the aptly named “freeze” to drastically reduce the amount of feeling in your mouth which in turn causes less pain; this can also be a very effective strategy for people with over-sensitive mouths.

However, to some these injections cause more panic than pain relief with the fear of injections sometimes being worse than the fear of the dentists. Many practitioners are frequently turning to a new invention called “the wand” to administer these injections, they are a device which allows for a slow and steady injection at a speed that causes significantly less pain and discomfort.

We hope this at least gives you some ideas for next time you have to visit the dentist


Small details that make a big difference on the day of your event

Whether you are hosting an internal conference between the multiple different regional offices or departments across the country for them to show off what they are doing to your potential customers, or whether you are hosting a trade show or industry showcase for others within the same field or to potential customers, it’s a great way to not only raise your companies profile within your own professional community but can also greatly assist with your brand recognition and help establish you as an expert and industry leader within your customer’s minds, helping them to helpfully match your companies name and mission to your logo and colour scheme.

But you may also be aware that planning an event of this scale and for this amount of people can be quite a logistical and practical nightmare to get organized. Rather than fretting on the big things about your day, it’s probably better to get them sniped away early. As often with these kinds of events, everything really rests on the little details that you may overlook. So let’s look at some of these facets that require double-checking and resolution before everything kicks off.


This is something that you probably have thought over already, but just give it another thought. After all the chances are that if your event is free then it will attract a fairly large attendance as people both from your industry and your potential customers will all hopefully want to come and see what it is you have to offer and you will need seating to house them if you plan on spending a portion of the event listening to guest speakers and members of your team give presentations. Rather than hanging your guests out to dry and making them hover around the back as this could make them feel unwanted.

So make sure that you have a talk with your furniture hire company and make sure that you discuss overflow chairs with them and as a general rule of thumb, we would recommend hiring out at least 30 extra chairs, maybe even more if it is a particularly large event with a heavy yes ratio of RSVPs. Although naturally there are something’s that you can’t predict about the exact attendance of your event, and your guest5s will understand if what you are offering is so popular that you run out of even the overflow chairs, after all, standing room after a certain point really is better than no room if what you are getting out of it is valuable to you.


Now if you are planning on having guest and in house speakers (and really why you wouldn’t, it’s a great opportunity for you to connect your ideas with your audience and industry directly) then it is absolutely vital that it is very easy to hear them. After all, if you are p0otentially listening to the same person for 20 minutes they chances are if you can’t hear him you will either make your guests uncomfortable by trying to strain to listen to what they have to say, frustrated by the way that they are missing chunks of vital information and eventually most people would quite understandably lose all interest and end up walking away from the speaker altogether.

Unless you want your audience to walk away from your products and ideas then it’s absolutely vital that you get a quality sound system and PA organized from a reputable and specialized AV equipment hire company who should be able to provide you with all of the necessary equipment that you are lacking and in some cases, they can even offer professional sound engineers to come along to your event and master and mix all of the audio and correctly distribute it across the different speakers within the system that you are using. So make sure that you talk to the venue and figure out what they don’t have that you need and get on the phone to your best local supplier to see how they can help you.


In all the most important take away that you can have from an event, is visual and audio. If you look and sound the part and people find value in what you are talking about they are far more likely to engage with you as a business and trust in your expertise.


3 reasons why you will definitely want to hire a professional DJ

There’s nothing quite like planning your own event. While it can be a stressful and labor intensive job, it also comes with quite a lot of fun perks, for example, who doesn’t like tasting catering samples to determine exactly what you want to serve your guests? Or planning exactly what kind of entertainment is going to be the most fun, exciting and appropriate for your occasion. However whether it’s a simple corporate get together or a far more grandiose affair like a wedding, there is one fact that remains true, is that people will want to dance when they drink. And to dance, naturally people will require music to listen to and get them into the mood.

However so many people try to cut corners when it comes to how the music will be performed and managed ongoing at their event it can often either leave their music selection feeling neglected, or worse yet that the quality of the equipment that has been chosen is not up to par and it either doesn’t carry far enough for everybody to hear clearly, or has a low quality and annoying feel to the sounds which is enough to put anybody off of dancing. So here are just a few reasons that you should really leave the musical concerns of your event to a professional.



Now for some events this will not be a very important consideration, however for other kinds, like award ceremonies and weddings, this will play a crucial part in the day’s proceedings and making sure that you get something like the bride and grooms first dance exactly right is kind of important. Dare we say it’s unforgivable to get that kind of thing wrong and no matter how well the rest of the day goes you will forever remember when the person who was supposed to be organizing the music for your first dance accidentally played the Okie Kokey instead of the song you chose? Professionally timing music to a specific event requires a certain amount of practice and experience.

Luckily, the bread and butter of most DJ’s work will have been cooperate events and  things like weddings, so you can trust that a simple job like timing the correct music to the correct award for example would be a complete breeze provided you choose a decent DJ. So it’s probably recommended that you take that responsibility off your shoulders and let them deal with all of those kinds of concerns, all they need is a desired track list and an itinerary of the important events.

Equipment concerns

Now what you will be hoping for is that as much of the sound equipment that you will require for your event is able to be provided by the venue itself and by and large, for things like the speakers and cabling to various points around the appropriate areas, it’s safe to assume that they don’t expect a simple event organizer to be able to provide a full professional grad sound system to every event that they host. However, things like CVDJ’s and laptop attachments and interfaces to them may be slightly out of their remit and if they don’t provide it, it’s up to you to be sourcing and hiring this equipment form a third party.

However, if you choose to hire and use the services of a professional DJ, the chances are that they already have the necessary equipment to facilitate their set and other responsibilities, and while you can’t expect them to have absolutely everything you want, they should definitely be able to fill in any equipment gaps that your venue may have in their setup, at least the minimums like a mixer, CDJ’s and computer interfaces that he will undoubtedly rely on to formulate and execute his set properly. However even still there may be gaps and at all stage3s you should be prepared to source and hire out any missing equipment deemed necessary.

It’s also very important that you let your DJ know as soon as you possibly can what the venue are and are not providing, to give them time to organize what they need and potentially see about filling in those gaps for you by using their industry contacts to track down a good deal for whatever you may need to hire. Why not click the following link for some advice on finding the best DJ hire in Adelaide.