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How Muay Thai help you stay fit

As with any kind of physical exertion, from pushups to walking up the stairs, obviously a vigorous and energetic sport like Muay Thai is going to be great for keeping you fit. There is a reason that many Muay Thai and MMA fighters have amazing physiques and levels of athleticism, after years of honing their skills, their body has followed suit making them muscular, lean fighting machines that put other peoples bodies and physical abilities to shame. But let’s look at some of the reasons that attending Muay Thai classes can help to improve your fitness in a number of different areas.

Fitness is ingrained into Muay Thai philosophy

To perform Muay Thai involves a lot of kicking and twisting, trapping and other high energy movements, subsequently, rather than being all about the physical aspect of fighting, the theory behind Muay Thai states that you must hone your whole body to become resistant to damage in order to inflict it. In the days-gone-by the actual focus on Muay Thai was more about being fit and athletic than being incredibly muscly or strong. This is because for up to five round (unless there is a knockout before that) you will be fighting man to man (or woman to woman) with another combatant in this highly energetic manner and it is of paramount importance that you do not tire easily.

It is a high cardio activity

Central to this philosophy is that cardio training when it comes to Muay Thai is far more important than weight training or muscle gain. It just isn’t necessary to be that big as Muay Thai teaches you to be an effective and hard hitting fighter regardless of your physical size or stature. A good example of this would be to look to the home of Muay Thai, which is obviously Thailand, the people of Thailand are not exactly known for their tall or muscly size however they have managed to negate that by coming up with such an effective and efficient system of fighting. .


As we previously discussed, there is an awful lot of turning and twisting that goes into Muay Thai, not too mention the other activities like learning the different front kicks and the correct footwork all require a degree of flexibility and Muay Thai trainers practice flexibility drilling exercises so that they are prepared for whatever direction the fight may bring them in. This is because not being flexible enough and trying to over extend yourself can lead to serious injury and event permanent disablement. Its more for the safety of the practitioner than anything but you will; still find that extra flexibility paying off both in your gym performance and your overall endurance abilities.

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How to choose a good LinkedIn Photograph


Nowadays a very important tool for recruiting, job hunting, networking and even finding new trends in your industry is LinkedIn. It’s a network of influencers and business that stretches all over the world. And like any other kind of business interaction, first impressions are important. And a well taken, nicely presented, professional headshot of yourself to add to your profile can go a long way top growing your sphere of influence on this platform. So let’s go through a few pointers to help you take the best picture possible.


Your face should be filling at least 60% of the picture

While it may be very impressive to see you on the side of a mountain on your trip to Alaska last year (and that’s not sarcasm that actually sounds pretty cool) do bear in mind that the subject of the photograph is you. Therefore your face should be the most visible thing in the photograph. It’s called a headshot for a reason.

So crop your photo just below your shoulders and just above the top of your hair to truly draw focus to your face.

Dress for work

When a potential employer or client looks at your profile, they will want to see that you take yourself seriously, more so when it comes to your professional outlook. And as we already discussed, looks are important in business.

It’s good for your employer or client to be able to imagine you working on their behalf and wearing your work clothes in your headshot will help put that idea in their head.

Choose a suitable expression

While we aren’t suggesting you pull your most forced, ear to ear grin, it’s important to be aware of how your expression will affect the overall tone of the photograph.

The word of the moment is “approachable”, your photo should make it easy for somebody viewing it to imagine having a friendly conversation with you. Be careful about coming off as scary or intimidating, which is easier to do than you would think.

Avoid staring directly into the camera, if your taking this photo yourself be sure to set up a mirror next to your camera so you can see how your photograph will look in real-time.

Choose a recent picture

Now it’s important that you use a photograph that is representative of what you look like now. Somebody requesting an interview with you is not meeting the you from 4 years ago. Everyone likes to look young but if you use a photograph that is misleading it could potentially affect your credibility in that person’s eye.

Hopefully, we have given you a few helpful hints, please follow this link if you need some help finding a LinkedIn photographer.

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Staff for Company Headshots.

There are countless reasons your business would need to have some professional headshots taken. Maybe you’re having a new website made and want to include a section about the members of your team? Maybe you want email accounts to have professional looking pictures attached to them to give your team a more human appearance when corresponding with customers and clients? In any case, it is something that will include the majority of your office and will cause a significant amount of disruption in workflow for the time the pictures are going to be taken. So here are some tips that you can use to help prepare your staff for the day and minimize the impact on your companies output.

Make it morning

Booking a morning photo-shoot will make it possible to finish at around 10 am if started at around 7 am. This has a number of benefits, for a start, your staff will be fresh and not stressed from their professional responsibilities and results in far superior pictures. Secondly finishing at around 10 am will leave you and your staff with the rest of the day to complete your day to day activities.

Give it some space

Try and commit as much space as humanly possible for your staff and the photographers to work in as there will potentially be a fair number of people milling around in the room waiting for their photographs. And you will probably need to consult with your photographer about the details of your shoot as its happening, so it helps to have the space to facilitate all of this activity that will be going on.

How many pictures and of who?

Generally in the time-frame described above you would be able to squeeze in maybe 10 or 12 shots. Most photographers will set a minimum amount of shots in order to use their own time effectively. Ensure you know exactly who you want to be photographed and how you want them to present themselves in these pictures that more often than not will be representative of your entire team. Make sure that the people being photographed are aware of what is expected of them in terms of dress, style and facial expression, good professional headshots can help convey a number of different feelings when viewed so ensure that you are clear on the kind of tone you wish to set.

Be clear to the Photographer

More important than your employees understanding is the photographers understanding of exactly what needs to be done, what the pictures are being used for and how much time you have to take the shots. Ensuring that your photographer understands this prior to the shoot will assist them with minimizing time wasted and disruption to the office.



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Keeping Fit Is All About Motivation

It’s all well and good to decide that you are going to start doing more exercise and making an effort to get fitter. The problem is that many people decide they are going to do this and throw themselves into it full of gusto but then very quickly lose their impetus. After the initial buzz of wanting to work out more dies off and the reality of life kicks in, it is far too easy to put all of your initial thoughts to one side and become lax with your exercising.

The only way to get any true benefits from physical activities is to do them consistently. Doing a little bit of exercise for a few weeks and then having a long period off will provide you with very few health benefits and you won’t see any real physical changes to your body. What you need is something to increase your commitment and ways to keep yourself motivated to work out regularly. But how? Well different people will favour different approaches so here are a few suggestions to try out.

Do It with Friends

Keeping yourself motivated is much easier when you have other people around you. If you only ever go running, cycling or going to the gym alone you can quite easily become bored or distracted. Your enthusiasm to do it might reduce or you may find excuses why you don’t need to be doing anything on occasions. So one of the best ways to keep yourself interested is by exercising with friends. Doing this will make it more of a social affair and so you will look forward to the routine more because you will be spending time with your friends. Not only that but your friends will keep pushing you on those days where you are feeling lazy or uninterested. Find activities which you and your friends enjoy equally or try out new ways of keeping fit you haven’t done before. Whatever it is you choose to do, do it with your mates and make it more than just a physical workout.


Set Targets

When a lot of people decide that they want to do more exercise it is because they want to see a difference in their physical appearance or they want to feel healthier. The first few weeks this thought remains in people’s minds but after a short while when they deem that there is no evidence of their bodies changing people often lose their desire to continue. Clearly you need to be exercising for a long period of time before you will see any real changes so you need to be realistic and set yourself long term goals. If you are looking to lose weight, then think about how much you would like to lose by the end of each month and gauge yourself against your targets. Don’t be too hard on yourself you can’t expect to lose a stone every month but by giving yourself small goals and then checking your progress you will be able to see your progressions and once this happens your motivation will understandably increase.

Attend Classes or Organised Activities

Sometimes we can be quite dishonest with ourselves. It is very easy to convince yourself that you are doing all the right things and working out really hard even if you are not sometimes. You can convince yourself that you are motivated and fully committed but really you are just fooling yourself. If you go along to group activities or organised sports activities, then you will be able to stay away from this mind set. By having other people around you will push yourself more than normal and you will be able to see how hard other people are exercising. Try to find ways to push yourself further so that you are getting more back from your exercise.
personal trainer

Hire A Trainer

One of the most effective ways of motivating yourself is to hire a personal trainer. They will create a routine for you, set targets and suggest activities and exercises for you that will be catered to your needs. North Sydney personal trainers will not let you slack off and they will be your motivation even when you have none of your own. Having a professional alongside you can be very beneficial because they will be able to help with further advice such as exercises you can do at home and how to improve your nutrition. Rather than exercising with your friends you will probably make more effort to show a personal trainer that you have been keeping up with your fitness and this too will coax you into being more committed to your exercise regime.


Permanent Makeup – Who Can Benefit?

The popularity of permanent makeup has greatly increased in recent years. One of the reasons for this is that there are many people who can benefit from it. Rather than it just being something which people can have done so that they simply don’t have to continually reapply their makeup there are far more reasons why people choose to have it done. Let’s have a look at some of the people who can benefit from it.

People with Allergies

allergiesSome people struggle to put makeup on due to them being allergic. This can range from it being an annoyance to being so severe as to cause inflammation, rashes and even worse. Just because somebody is allergic to some of the chemicals in makeup does not mean that they should have to go without using it. By having permanent makeup applied this need not have to be the case.

Contact Lenses

If you are somebody who chooses to wear contacts then putting makeup on around the eyes can be quite bothersome. Permanent makeup can help such people from not experiencing the associated problems.


EyesightMany of us suffer from poor eyesight or have noticed it deteriorate. This can cause great difficulties for people when it comes to putting on their makeup. It will be especially difficult for people who have problems with focusing on things which are close up. By having permanent makeup done then people who have problems seeing clearly need not fear about their makeup looking its best at all times.


It could be that someone experiences arthritic pain or another form of impairment to the mobility of their hands and fingers. They will find the actual application of makeup very difficult and possibly even painful. Again the possibility of having permanent makeup done can be of great benefit to such people and relieve them from a lot of difficulties.


It is very common to have received a number of scars throughout our lives. Regardless of how they came to be and the severity of the injuries which caused them it can be a case that the scars leave people with difficulties in terms of their makeup. Take for example somebody who has had their eyebrows burned off, they will be very grateful to receive permanent eyebrows so that they can look as they wish still and potentially even improve their confidence.

Oily Skin

Some people have naturally quite oily or greasy skin. It’s perfectly natural but it can make putting makeup on difficult. The oil can make it run or it won’t stick to the skin properly and so it will start to look messy as the day progresses. To save this happening people with oily skin can receive permanent makeup to relieve them of these issues.


It can be a case that people want to save as much time in their busy lives as possible and the period spent putting makeup on everyday can be avoided by having permanent makeup work done. People who get very hot and sweaty on a regular occasion or who work in very hot climates can also choose to have this done to make their lives easier.



Laundry Tips & Tricks

Some things which we have to do in life are quite simply a chore to some of us. Washing your clothes is one of them and whilst many of us might not like doing it or get annoyed at the time it might take to do, it is clearly a necessity. We cannot walk around in unhygienic and unpleasant smelling clothing. However, there are some things you can do to relieve the burden of it. This probably sounds a little daft, after all many of you are probably thinking what more is there to it than I ‘just wash my clothes’? Well, have a quick read and check if there are any things you could do to make your life a whole lot easier.

Wash Less Often

Now I don’t mean to say that you should keep wearing items until they fall off you. However, realistically you can wear lots of outerwear or tops under which you wear another layer multiple times in certain weather conditions. Also you can leave your dirty washing to do until you have a large amount and then just do a big batch. Do you really need to wash those few items immediately? If you really want to wear certain items for specific occasions then plan ahead and don’t wear them beforehand. The less often you have to do your washing the less it will be an annoyance.

Remove Stains Immediately

Remove StainsWhilst the above point stands, you will need to get the stains out of your clothes straight away. If you leave them they can become very difficult to remove at a later date. Simply follow the necessary methods of stain removal depending on the clothing and type of stain. Having done this the item of clothing can then sit with the rest of your pile of washing until you are ready to do it all. Remind yourself something doesn’t need washing straight away because you spilt something on it. Simply get rid of the stain and your clothes will be good as new once you come round to washing them.

Pre-Sort Your Washing

Not every item can be washed the same way. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting one of your favourite pieces of clothing in to clean and then pulling it out to find it ruined due to being on the wrong heat etc. Set up separate wash baskets for the different items so that you can simply throw them all in together without having to sort them every time. Also be mindful of the colours. Separate your whites, bright and darker colours else the inevitable is going to happen. The white tee-shirt that comes out the wash pink is something many of us have done before!

Laundry ServicesGet Someone Else to Do it

There are so many services out there nowadays that you don’t have to do your own washing if you really don’t want to. You can get your laundry picked up and then returned to you. Where I live I use laundry delivery services in Bangkok which will collect, clean and return your washing in period depending on your needs. Even if you are living elsewhere you can avail of the global services which serve a number of cities and provide you with a means to relieve yourself of the chore of washing yourself.

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Easy Ways to Reduce Bicycle Flat Tires

Fixing a flat tire is an inevitable case of when rather than if for cyclists. Although it is not an overly difficult task to complete it can be a rather frustrating occurrence and always seems to happen at the most inopportune times. Preventing a problem is always preferable to cure it so it is therefore wise to consider following a few straightforward tips to reduce the possibilities of experiencing this common irritation. They will also help extend the lifespan of your tyres and therefore reduce the costs of replacements.

Check the Pressure Routinely

tyre pressurePinch flats are caused when the inner tube is forcibly pushed against the wheel rims of your bicycle and the most frequent cause of these is when the tire hits against sharp edges such as potholes or curbs. The likelihood of these happening can be reduced by ensuring that your tyres are inflated fully before setting out on any journey. The extra air inside the tyres will prevent them from deforming which is what allows the inner tube to contact the rims. One way to completely eliminate this issue is to go tubeless. These tyres have no inner tubes at all and whilst they can be slightly more expensive they are very effective at bringing down the number of flats you will experience.

Inspect the Tyres Regularly

bikeAlongside checking the tyre pressures you should always give them a quick inspection before and ideally after any journey. It is far less frustrating to discover and fix a flat as soon as possible rather than the moment you are heading out or when you’re 2 minutes down the road. In fact, by doing this you may completely prevent a potential flat. Bits of glass and other sharp objects will get embedded in the tyres but often these can be removed before they have had the chance to tear the inner tube within. One great way to do this is to gently spin the tyre and drape a small piece of cloth or something equivalent over it as it rotates. If there are any foreign bodies stuck in the tyres they should snag on the material so they can be easily located and then removed.

Select the Appropriate Tyres

tires typesDon’t be seduced by the desire for super lightweight tyres if these are not suitable for your needs. Whilst they might be ideal for racing or indoor use they will struggle to hold up to the rigours of day-to-day life. The additional weight is normally quite negligible and when compared to the hassle of continually repairing them, of very little benefit. You can even go one step further and use tyres which utilise integrated puncture-resistant lining. Various brands of these types of tyres are available from bicycle shops in Brisbane and will, for only a minor increase in overall weight, limit the number of flats you experience. Lastly, consider where you will be using your bike and your local area and buy the correct tyres for your needs whether that’s off-road mountain biking, urban commuting or high-speed racing.


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Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

Are you spending most of your time sitting in front of a computer?

Office people spend most of their time working on computers. Most people are not concerned that the pain in their wrists or back are more serious than they think. This is more likely if their posture is not right and their office equipment is not set up in a good position.

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Scenic Locations for Australian Wedding Photos

Australia, quite simply, has some of the most incomparably beautiful backdrops for Wedding Photographs in the world. Due to its distinctive landscape, fantastic climate and cultural diversity almost any type of setting you can imagine can be found here. But with so much choice where do you start when trying to consider an ideal location for those perfect wedding photos? Here are some of the best.

Scenic Rim

Home to six national parks and a world heritage listed rain-forest, the Scenic Rim is an idyllic and diverse setting for your wedding with enough variety in locations and sights to cater for all. This region boasts uncountable hidden gems such as tropical waterfall backdrops like Curtis Falls or the sensational Tambourine Rain-forest Skywalk taking you to the highest point of the canopy to admire the surrounding flora and fauna. If the thought of heights seems a little daunting then the crystalline waters of Lake Moogerah provide a picturesque and tranquil setting which can take advantage of the endless sky set against the distant mountain ranges.


Wollongong Botanic Gardens provide you with that intimate natural backdrop so appropriate for your wedding photos. With unmatched floral beauty and charming landscapes you probably won’t want to leave. Choose their Rose Gardens for that classic symbol of love or perhaps the delicate red Japanese bridge to bring that oriental allure into your wedding photographs. If you’re looking for something with a timeless feel to it George’s Vintage Village has been created specifically for weddings and its rustic charm will transport you back in history. Notably this venue can be booked exclusively so you won’t be competing for those perfect uninterrupted photographic moments.

Whitsunday Islands

Looking for that barefoot beach wedding with a touch of opulence and sophistication or a wedding chapel overlooking a reef shaped like a heart, this island chain is renowned for being for one of the most sought after wedding destinations for good reason. Enjoy the white sands and your own private island as you give your wedding photographer the easiest possible canvas to work on. You could even get your feet wet and say your vows on board as you cruise past Whitehaven Beach on your exclusive boat basking in the blue landscape that The Whitsunday Islands are famous for.


Iconic, ancient and simply one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, Ayers Rock can create a spectacular backdrop to your wedding quite unlike any other. Witness the sunset painting the ancient rock through a spectacular palette of colours or spend your evening dining under the stars admiring the majesty of your surroundings. Such a symbolic occasion as your wedding day deserves such a location and is a photographer’s dream guaranteeing you the spectacular images this special day demands.


If you are looking for a wedding location with class, elegance and sophistication probably the first place a Newcastle Wedding Photographer will recommend is the waterfront estate of Stanley Park. This heritage residence dates back to 1897 and is full of original features giving a real sense of history to the location. Unlike many heritage residences, Stanley Park is nestled inside 28 acres of lovingly maintained lawns and paddocks. Sitting on the waterfront, it provides an ideal wedding location in a rural setting just 5 minutes from the beach but still remains within easy access of the local amenities with Newcastle and Nelson’s Bay less than 30 minutes’ drive away.


Being rich in Australian Heritage, Busselton is quite a popular place for tourism and wedding events. Among the top spots is the Busselton Jetty which stretches out to about 2 kilometres into the ocean. It makes it the second longest wooden jetty in the world and the first, south of the globe. It is definitely not difficult to imagine any bride’s dream wedding here.


5 Ways to entertain kids at a party

If you have a living in Australia and have a kid who happens to have a birthday party coming up, you can be sure that you will have at least 20 kids on your hands to keep happy and entertained. This can be a nightmare for most parents, as it is not easy to keep 20 little balls of energy with different tastes and preferences happy. The good news is that with a little preparation and information, this task does not have to frighten you at all. The following are some of the ways in which you can keep the children entertained while at a party:

Outsource and hire an entertainer

If you do not want to deal with the pressures and obligations involved in keeping children happy for a long period of time, then the best thing to do is to hire an entertainer whose job is to keep kids at a party involved and happy. This could be a clown, for example. It is important to ensure that the entertainer has professional liability insurance, so that you are assured of compensation should anything go wrong or part of your property is damaged. If you cannot afford to hire an experienced, professional entertainer, then you should recruit a friend or co-worker who will be able to deal with a multitude of children to help you out.

Games such as the frozen jumping castle will also work

One of the most reliable ways of keeping little kids happy and involved throughout the duration of the party is to arrange games. While one game is not guaranteed to maintain this interest, having multiple games in play will certainly go a long way towards making this happen. Hire a Disney’s frozen jumping castle, buy balloons in the dozens and your party will be the talk of the town for a few days to come.

Use a fairy floss machine to dish out prizes

Kids also love receiving prizes, especially if these prizes come in the form of candy. Having a fairy floss machine working in the house during the party can reduce the pressure associated with hosting a party. It is sure to delight everyone in attendance too. It is quite a spectacle to the kids too and this is another reason why you should stick to candy like fairy floss.

Do something interesting like painting faces

You can also grab and maintain the attention of many children by offering to paint their faces for them. This is a popular activity and you should spend some time before the party practicing different styles of painting so that you can have variety and diversity when it is time to perform.

Arts and crafts will never fail you

The best strategy involving arts and crafts is to first pick a theme for the party, and then develop arts and crafts related to that theme. The internet will come in handy for this task, and since it is only a click away, there is no reason for you not to conduct some research.